Stenders: how I fell in love. But not immediately.

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Somehow I’ve been preparing to write an overview of shower souffle for two months.


Perhaps it happened this way because I haven’t noticed anything special from the first uses of this cranberry marshmallow. But I continued using it because it was always on hand (which is a great luck for a product at my bathroom that is littered with cosmetics). And I realized later that I don’t want to use anything else.

The company says the souffle has no analogues in the world — it has cranberry extract, and the aroma was created by «designers that are demand by leading perfume names around the world» — whatever it means (Givaudan is also mentioned). Besides the extact souffle includes surar scrub and strawberry seeds, and does not include parabens and sulfates.

It has interesting consistency:


It is creamy and airy at once. The instruction says it is to be applied on luffa for bubbling. I don’t have sponges like that so I apply it right on body. Although I don’t think there’s need in abundant foam. It cleans well anyway wether with foam or without it.

It has the nicest texture indeed! It’s a real pleasure! I don’t feel sugar scrub at all (which is good for me — I don’t like scrubs), and seeds that you can see on the photo are just soft enjoyable things.

Speaking about fragrance, it is light and unostentatious. I haven’t noticed it at once (I always expect knockdown Clarince odorants that by the way some people really can’t stand), but I’ve estimated it a little bit later. It refreshes me although it doesn’t stay on skin for long, so there’s no problem like «what if I use creme with different aroma upon this gel , and some perfume». In this very situation nothing wrong will happen :).


But the main thing is the feeling on skin after use. I don’t follow this feeling normally — if the product cleans, it’s allright, gel should smell well and have interesting texture. But here I paid attention to it: the usual feeling of light skin dryness that usually comes after wiping with a towel disappeared. Well, my legs that have the dryest skin on my body need creme anyway. But in general I let myself be lazy and apply nothing after the shower. I think the thing is soft cleanser base — there’s sugar at the first place in ingredients, then glycerol, then water and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate that is responsible for cleansing (it’s an ingredient from coconut butter).

Well, I said many times That I love extraordinary products and I even made a list of 6 unusual bath products. I can’t say that there are no other products like this (although I can’t remember one), but this marshmallow really pleases me.

It is 590 rubles and can be bought on trademark site

One more reference byja-potamchik.


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