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My new weakness: Rowenta Epilator that works in the water

Tanya 20 июля 1

Epilators still have not get accustomed in my life somehow. The first one I had almost in my childhood was a pretty rough device and puzzled me with no adequate result although it was the cutting edge of technology at the time. There was another one later, but I can’t remember much about it too. I had the same complaints to both of them: the skin wasn’t smooth (there was something sticking out here and there anway), the hairs were removed very painfully and it took quite a long time. But they appeared again in three days — and so the purpose of execution stayed unclear.

After that I had Philips photoepilator. And I still have it. Unfortunatley I still haven’t managed to process my legs with it enough for a good result. Two week break between the procedures seems to be some impossible task for my brain and it just disappears from my overloaded mind-). That’s why I thought to try Rowenta when I was offered to, and have decided to finish Philips course later.

Rowenta Aquaperfect EP9260 attracted me with ability to work in the water no matter wether you’re taking a bath or a shower.


Shaving and cutting are recommended at shower and epilation itself — at the bath. I’ve been doing everything vice versa — epilating at the shower. It took me to move the epilator at the bathroom finally, I haven’t managed to do this at once because I’ve never perceived it as the object that should be present in on the shelf there. Finally Rowenta is near shampoos and shaving accessories and it’s very comfortable because it’s always is at hand when I think of it.

Ether my pain threshold has decreased or taking a shower matters, but it doesn’t hurt while removing haits with it. It’s a little unpleasant, but it doesn’t hurt. I do it right at shower at wet skin when I feel that skin is not smooth, it takes about five minutes for both legs. I make longer and more detail procedures on weekends. All in all I do it twice a week. I’m not sure if this frequency is allright but it is suitable for me.

I like the effect. Well, the skin isn’t perfectly smooth like it is half a day after shaving, but it is smooth. And there’s no ingrown hairs problem after nearly two months of use. There is no redness that is usual after epilation, perhaps the reason is that the skin is steam out well  in the shower. One more important thing is that classical epilator removes bright hairs on kneels that photoepilator doesn’t remove.

And it also has backlight! Do you even know what an awesome thing epilator backlight is? Especially if you have really bad vision and your shower lighting is pretty bad. You can see all the hairs!

This model has a lot of nozzles, I’ve used only one, but the great one — a trimmer for shaving the bikini area. I’m even sorry that I haven’t known about it before!! So for some reasons I don’t do full epilation at the bikini area anymore because this trimmer cuts the hairs so close to the skin that it becomes neat immediately. All in all, it’s a cool thing.

So, this new product is all the way I like: it’s effective and it doesn’t demand any complexities. You’ll see, so I will use of hydro-massage nozzles soon!

Epilator’s price is 5999 rubles.

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