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Few years ago, when I’ve been the editor of Glamour Russia website, Istarted a beauty blog there — and fell in love with that,it was my favorite part of job for 2,5 years. Later I worked as a beauty editor for Spletnik.ru, WomanJournal.Ru and for the past year — ELLE.ru. I do this beauty blog because I cannot imagine my life without cosmetics. If I could only get one product to desert island, I would die because I couldn’t make a choice =).

This blog is devoted to cosmetics and perfumes:

  • new season makeup collections,
  • everyday products reviews,
  • thematical beauty reviews,
  • beauty-trends,
  • beauty industry news,
  • beauty expert advices.

If you are a beauty PR and we are still not acquinted with you — we should fix it.

If you read my product reviews and want to post your own reviews also — send it to me.

You can write me at light10@yandex.ru. Also you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and «VKontakte».

Yulia (Muromets) Grebyonkina

Update. Since October 2010 blog has one more author — Yana Zubtsova.

Hi! Yana Zubtsova — it’s me.

My nickname is — Ya-z-va. This is a free abbreviation of my name and surname, which allows you to make some judgements about my nature. I do beauty journalism for so many years that it’s even not proper to talk about. I worked as a beauty director in Domovoy magazine, when there were no such jobs as a beauty director in the industry. I worked for Russian Vogue — but I wrote about culture and jewellery there, only few articles on beauty. Worked as a beauty director in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. But I could not ever imagine that I will start beauty blogging one day — till I joined Yulia. And with this my action I proved that saying «Never say Never» is real and it works — no matter what you think about it.

In beauty blogging I like:

  • possibility to say you subjective opinion,
  • possibility not to be dependent on advertising budgets,
  • possibility to have immediate reaction to your posts,
  • and much more!

Unacceptable things in beauty blogging:

  • paid posts and posts which were wrote with the aim of PR,
  • pressure on blogger in any form.

If you wont to contact me, send me products for test or say that you disagree with me — write me at yana.3@mail.ru.

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