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Ellis Faas Creamy, Milky and Glazed Lips: swatches

Юлия Гребенкина
Юлия Гребенкина 17 декабря 2011 1

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In comments to interview with Ellis Faas elia-chaba said, that all lipsticks of the brand has something brown in shades. I wanted to show the ones that I have (and also hav a closer look at them myself — maybe I don’t see that brown?).

I have 3 Ellis Faas lipsticks: two reds Yana presented to me and the one more I’ve got after the interview. They are: Creamy Lips L101, Milky Lips L201 and Glazed Lips L306 (which is actually more a lipgloss than a lipstick, but I consider all this very relative).

And please don’t judge the quality of photos, I’m training to shoot with the light and it;s hard.

So here they are:

ellis-faas-lips-3-whole-beautyinsiderLeft to right: Creamy Lips L101, Glazed Lips L306, Milky Lips L201

Ellis-Faas-lips-three-colors-ends-beautyinsiderFrom up to down: Creamy Lips L101, Glazed Lips L306, Milky Lips L201

They have different applicators as you see. I like with brushes more, they are more useful.

Swatches of all three:


Left to right: Milky Lips L201, Glazed Lips L306, Creamy Lips L101

Glazed Lips L306

I’m not a fan of such shades nut couldn’t resist this one! I was offered to choose three products after interview and I, knowing that I already have 2 lipsticks, thought I’d take eyeshadows, concealer and etc. But my heart went to this one!


ellis-faas-l306-swatch-on-lips-2-beautyinsiderSoft, gentle — I adore it!

By the way, Glazed Lips is very easy to put on.

Creamy Lips L101

Has the brightest and dense color.



But it’s really hard to put it on. And it’s easily gone throught the contour of the lips.I don’t know if I should use it together with lip pen and a base, but I suppose Ellis didn’t plan that. Sometimes I just put it on using my fingertips.

Milky Lips L201

And this one is my most favorite. And it’s easy to use. Also you can have a light-variant of it (looks like lip stain) if you use small amount.



You can make with it a «I kissed a lot yesterday» effect if you put it on using fingertips with the main accent on the inside part of lips.

This is the shade and a whole face:


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