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Allure is in Russia, we’re in Allure

Tanya 10 апреля 0

My dear ones, it’s time to tell you the news we couldn’t tell you yesterday. But we can’t tell it to you tomorrow because it won’t be news at all 🙂

All in all, there is a magazine called Allure. The most abrupt and competent magazine about  beauty in the whole world. In a nutshell it’s a magazine that was created first and main for being interesting to read. And for being reliable. The issuer is Publishing House «Conde Nast».

It has been issued in USA since 1991. The first russian edition is going to be published in September.  Julia and myself  (and 15 more charming young ladies) work there since today. Julia is the Web-site Editor, I am a Beauty Editor. Xenia Wagner who had been the Tatler beauty editor is Editor in Chief.

Today we’ve had our first editorial board. The plans are breathtaking, I can’t tell you about all the details yet (that’s why it’s such a conspiracy on the photo above :), so don’t even ask. But please ask about anything else and I’ll answer with pleasure. If there is a will to offer a topic for discussion — feel free to do it, it’s important for us and we really need it.

In agreement with «Conde Nast» Publishing House Beautyinsider is staying mine and Julias independent blog. We’ll keep discussing here what we want and won’t be talking about the things we don’t want to. We’ll admire what we want to admire. We’ll criticise the things that we think deserve it. We’ll doubt, we’ll make mistakes, we’ll be sarcastic and so on. All in all we’ll be extremely honest and extremely subjective. And we’ll even try to update as often as usually (at least once a day), although it won’t be easy while working upon pilot and first editions when everything — from topics to intonations — is needed to be found. But we’ll try because I’m sure when one loves than any impossible things become possible, and when one doesn’t love — all the possible things seem to be astronomically complicated.

That’s how it is, my dear ones. Whish us luck, please, we’ll need it. And stay with us, it’s going to be interesting here. And Allure website is coming soon and we’ll inform you with pleasure and for now we have facebook page, welcome!


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