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Yves Saint Laurent La Lacque Couture Lasting Nail Lacquer

Tanya 30 мая 2012 0

Thirty. New. Crazy. Terrific. Tones. Of. Laquers. Too. Cool. Those who follows us on facebook and Allure blog have already understood everything. Right, today I met new YSL nail coatings collection that I’ve only read about earlier at makeUp4all blog. The image itself is amazing, isn’t it?

The best laquer-promo-image, in my opinion.

Today this collection was presented to international press in Paris. International press (mostly european) was more reticent than me, they have seen it all already, and the sales are starting soon or even have already started.

I can’t remember the day I was so puzzled with dilemma of nail laquer color choice. (It was possible at the presentation.) I wanted them all at once. I’ve been thinking for real to ask the nail artist to apply different color on each nail. What stopped me was the fact there’s 30 of them anyway. I don’t have that many nails even counting my toenails.

Well, I guess you can understand me.

Most of all I wanted this blue one.

It is right the Majorelle blue that was invented by an artist Jacques Majorelle in Morocco. It seemed to him that everything is this color there. Later Yves Saint Laurent bought villa right at the place where this Majorelle gardens were.

Finally, weeping and wailing, I’ve chosen the one from Autumn collection. Perhaps the shoes affected me, which were standing there for inspiration. This kind of shoes can inspire anyone for anything:

Officially it’s called Khaki Arty. At this iPhone swatch I still have dofferent laquer, slightly peeling Dior:

And here is this very khaky-arty:

One of the most fantastic brown-khaky colors I’ve ever seen. As most of khakies it looks completely different at bright light and at dim light but it’s great in both situations. I even painted one nail by myself to find out if it’s well applied. And I realized that it is great while applying:) And I solemnly forgive YSL plagiarism of two-year-old Chanel collection. Anyway they had only three tones at khaky collection. And here are 30 colors and only one khaky among them. And as far as I see next Autumn we’re going to recall Chanel collection. Well’ it’s not the reason ti dislike new collections, is it?

The nails were drying for 10-15 minutes, so there’s nothing unexpectable. I’ve been packing a suitcase later — nothing happened:))

The collection is expected in Russia. In summer, I hope. There are also orange and violet of great beauty. It’ll be such a pity if summer ends earlier than we’ll have a chance to wear them.

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