Deborah Lippmann: Ray of Light swatches

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One more laquer that I was given to show you is Ray Of Light color from 3D Holographic collection. The color is describes as «electric indigo» and it has big flakes that streak with red.


I guess it’s the first laquer of this kind that I have.


And it looks much better than I expected.


Unfoftunatley I haven’t managed to imagine why I can need such color. The solid image haven’t developed in my head.


Moreover, I imagined indigo quite differently, but these are my own problems) (I used to think that lavender is yellow as a kid :)).

And so I remind you that till the end of Sunday there is a discount on Deborah Lippman at Tsvetnoy for beautyinsiders.

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  1. ChristinaTB

    я тоже ожидала больше фиолетового, чем синего. Носить будешь его?

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