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Chanel beauty boutique: let’s see what’s inside

Tanya 7 июня 2012 0

We’ve already told you about the huge Chanel beauty-boutique in the shopping gallery of hotel «Moscow» on Okhotny opening. We’ve also wrintten at Allure.ru about it. And I’ve been there myself on tuesday, so it’s time to show everything myself.

For sure the talk with Chanel PR-specialist while trying to find the boutique will enter the annals.

— Where are you standing now? What’s behind your back?

— Some red stuff!

— It’s not a stuff, it’s The Museum of History!


(Well, I know it’s a museum, but when I get lost somewhere I stop thinking at once).

Perfume zone is big, clear and comfortable. Women’s fragrances separately, men’s separately, separately exclusives.

Books about Coco are not on sale unfortunatley

Enormous fake flacon of Coco Mademoiselle

Aromas disclose better on ceramic blotters; blottes are patented by Chanel

That very olfactory bar

Special tweed, even on the chairs

Care zone seemed the least impressive to me. Although it’s beautiful and there’s a gorgeous sofa in it.

There are two places for visagist (with mirrors) in the very room and one closed space if you want nobody to see you.

And so everything the brand has:

Those very tweezers

And even brushes

I was fascinated for a while with a book about the flavors of the Les Exclusifs line . Here’s how it works:

In general, you should stop by. It is also said there is a convenient parking next to this gallery :).

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