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How I Store Cosmetics

Юлия Гребенкина
Юлия Гребенкина 16 октября 2011 2
How I Store Cosmetics

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I love reading such posts from another bloggers — they helped me to start thinking about organizing the places to store cosmetics in my flat.

Actually I didn’t had a lot of cosmetics to store in my past. As everobody I had a small cosmetics bag for makeup products, one shampoo, one shower gel (ok, ok, 2), few body creams and foot creams. And that’s all. No problems with how to store it.

But if you love cosmetics as I do you begin to become a collectioner. And I had even more cosmetics when I started my blog. At first it was all around on the floor in paper bags. It was a usual situation to find in such bag something I didn’t even remember.

I was impressed by skromni_beauty approach to this question — she not only puts everything on place in her beauty cabinet, but also she does a list of all she has with expiration dates. I wanted to do the same list for a year — and finally did it, not covering all I have, but most of it.

As for beauty cabinet — I prefer to have a lot of place in flat and I didn’t want to have one more in my 1-room flat.

So I chose Ikea shelves Expedit. I saw it at someone’s flat on The Locals and immediately decided that I need it. It can be 4 on 4 sqaures or 5 on 5. After hot discussion with my husband, we decided to take 5 on 5, as he said that he doubt I’ll ever have less cosmetics than now, but he is sure, that I’ll have more =).

This is how shelves looks.

The thing you need for these shelves are cardboard boxes. I chose these и these, but Ikea has a lot of variants. Why boxes are useful? You can put your cosmetics layer by layer, so you have much more place for storage.

My boxes have its names:

A lot of people have fun looking at «Face» and «Lumber» together :)))).

And a lot of my guests love to look at box called «Presents» — they know, it’s all for them ).

Also many people asked what’s the difference between box «All trash» and «Lumber». Actually the difference is really big (woman logic is on!): I put all things which appear on my working desk and bookshelves and floor to All Trash, so I can do a room very fast. Later I will sort out this box. And as for Lumber — its for thing I need very seldom, like big cosmetics bags for travelling and suncare.

My husband dreamed that everything will be in boxes, but it didn’t work out.

Things I take for testing from my work and which I’m beeing sent for blog I take home and put to the shelves. Later it will go rather to some box, or bathroom, or on my washing machine. The rest I give away.

When we bought this Ikea shelves and put everything in the boxes — it was like Heaven. True Heaven, I’m serious.

But there were still some problems left — at the kitchen, where I had everything for makeup, and in the bathroom.

Bathroom was saved again by Ikea — by wash-basin cabinet and mirror cabinet, which we bought very cheap thanks to special action. Of course they required a basin, and a mixer tap, and a special connector to our Soviet tubing. But still it’s cheap and a good variant for rented flat.

Both cabinets were fulled with cosmetics not so long time ago, but few week ago I decided to put away everything I don’t use right now.

As you see, iS Clinical, without which my life will be a horror again now, has its place. And eye cream It’s Potent from Benefit also (see review here =).

I was thinking a lot about how to organise everything in the kitchen where I used to do makeup close to the window.In winter I had 3 big cosmetics bags, in which I couldn’t find anything. They were right on the windowsill. But in summer cosmetics started to melt so I put it to kitchen table. It was not a good idea — it took a half of it.

Other bloggers adviced me to buy Helmer. Both skromni_beauty and Fierce&Cute have it. And I understood that I really need some drawer unit, but I couldn’t imagine even how Helmer could find a place for itself in my small kitchen. But finally I found it! Thanks God, we have Ikea and its website! It’s called Lennart and it’s very cheap!

This is the only one Ikea drawer unit with weels, which thanks to its height can stand under kitchen table. Ideal.

It’s not heavy at all. And everything I had for makeup is in it now.

With time I found some disadvantages of such kind of storage. What you need every day is hard to find actually. That’s why I have a small cosmetics bag on the windowsill with the mirror and brushes.

Of course windowsill sometimes starts to look not that well, but I struggle with myself =).

Cups for brushes are actually also from Ikea — Dokument.

One is in the bathroom — brushes, which need to be washed, go there (thanks for idea to easybeauty!).

And the last place for cosmetics is at the hall where washing machine is standing. I put on it everything for hair after washing and for hair styling together with blow dryer.

Still there are some cosmetics in the room on a bookshelves — my husband perfumes and deodorant, our massage oils which we use rather often. But after I created My Holy ListТМ, I throw away a lot of what was kept there (because it was expired, or I understood I’ll never gonna use it).

And so we live in a 1-room flat: my husband, me and my cosmetics =))).

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