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Clarins Eclat Minute Blush: swatches

Юлия Гребенкина
Юлия Гребенкина 4 марта 2012 0
Clarins Eclat Minute Blush: swatches

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I’ve told you more than once about my passion for creamy and liquid textures (and haven’t shown you anything particular yet, I confess. It’s always the same –I’m never up to describe the things that I use every day).

That’s why just seeing this crème blush on new products presentation 2012 as a part of brand’s spring collection I’ve known that I need it. ) And thanks to Clarins I’ve got two — 01 Vitamin Pink and 02 Coral Tonic.


It is a thick liquid, speaking of its texture. Pretty weird applicator is big and wide, like it’s somespatulaand I haven’t have used to it still. I use it as a scoop because anyway I have to do the rest with fingers.

Colors are somewhat candy and correspond to the mood:

clarins_eclat_minute-blush_swatch_3Especially the pink one is a kind of Barbie-color. ) Though I’m wearing it because I can’t imagine myself with coral which must be good for those who likesunbathingand have a different skin tone.)

After slight smudging it looks like that:

clarins_eclat_minute-blush_swatchLightness and translucency are presented well. If you keep smudging it comes to this:

clarins_eclat_minute-blush_swatch_2So that’s what I like textures of this kind for — mergingwith the skin andnaturalness ofthe result.

Unfortunately, there was a little trick with Eclat Minute Blush. The color that I liked so much while applying disappeared at the end of the day completely. I whished to apply more blush but I don’t usually do this at work, the conditions are not comfortable. Well, it’s unusual too, because my favorite liquid blush by Benefit stays all day long making people believe I’m always very vivid and rosy. And here is a a gentletone, nice texture but no stability. That’s a pity.

Buy at lookfantastic.com (Coral Tonic, 19 pounds).

Buy at feelunique.com (both shades, 17,1 pounds, free delivery).

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