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Makeup with Dior Anselm Reyle Palette

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When Dior had called bloggers for makeup with palette from this collection, I’ve made up my mind immediately. I’ve been really interested what professionals can do with Camouflage that I’ve always taken as a piece of art more than an everyday makeup tool. It turned out to be easily used in real life and much less complicated than I supposed.

We’ve been on makeup session together with jangsty.com and I think she’ll show her photos soon. It was licated in Articoli GUM – it’s comforlable to sit there in the nook not to trouble anyone.

I remind you that palette loks like that:

And it has begun with makeup removal:

dior_process_start1Then — horror of horrors — you’ll see me without makeup:

In all my glory and with a damn pigmented spot in my cheek.

Skinflash was used as a foundation, I did like it, although its covering is lightweight (it didn’t cover some pigmented spots and acne redness):

It smoothes well, adds glow and is invisible at the skin.

Concealer on the area around the eyes:

And here you can see Olya jangsty on the background, there’s another make-up artist casting a spell over her.

And the shade mystery begun:

A bit of Dior spring blush Rosy Glow was applied to cheeks – a wonderful pink color! I recommend you to pay your attention to it. And Rouge Serum from spring collection was put to lips – I’ve forgotten what great texture these lipsticks have.

And here is the result:

dior_final_nataly2Here the photographer was trying to prove that I look like Nathalie:

A pretty weird thing to do, to be honest )

Later I’ve just been hanging out the corner waiting for the moment jangsty’s makeup to be finished to go and have some tea with her and chatting to Nastya, Dior press-secretary:

Here I’m going to take a closer look on those wonderful blush and Skinflash at once:

And here the make-up artist said I should try Mitzah fragrance from Couturier Parfumerier collection. I remember smelling it earlier and I didn’t like it but my preferences have changed during the year and I wanted to try Mitzah somehow. All in all, it’s curious when someone thinks that particular fragrance can suit your mood:

My husband thinks that I shouldn’t put my hair behind my ears because it doesn’t look well and he is right. But I can’t resist this habit because my hair always gets everywhere and drive me mad:

And finally – here is Nastya too:

That’s what I’m saying – my hair driving me mad.):Final makeup was rather bold for me, I hardly ever look this way. But my mom did like it really much with a help of skype, she said that the eyes are dyed properly. I’ve been looking for a long time on the way they were made up, and sometimes I try to repeat in at home. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, as usual.

But let’s go back to the palette. Make-up artist has made three kinds of makeup with it, but as far as photographer has been running between two of us he has captured only one.

First variant: use light-grat and dark-gray for everyday makeup. By the way, grey suits most of the people, it is a calm color for casual use.

Second variant: add black color over on a movable lid in the fold. Here comes evening look.

Third variant: stop being scared and add purple. I was also advised to underline the the lower eyelid.

By the way, there were no problems while taking the shade with a help of brush, I mean that the pattern didn’t interfere.

Some interesting tips that makeup artist told me about:

highlight eyebrows with grey from the palette instead of brown pencil or shade that I got used to,

apply more concealer below eyes after shades use because there can be some shade crumbled and this zone is to be corrected,

concealer should be applied only from nose till the middle of the eye because the external lower eye corner always has wrinkles and any concealer is collected in them. It’s obvious that you’ll touch this zone too while shading but most of the covering should be concentrated at internal lower eye zone (the darkest one, by the way).

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