Shades, blush and highlighter by MAC from spring collections

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I don’t know what obsessed me. To be honest I hardly ever find time to test MAC collections. But that time I was taking one product after another from the package and was so happy (and a meanie inside of me was saying «I wont give it to anyone! It’s mine, all mine!» )). And so I’ve found time.

Dynamic Duo Feather Pink/Spellcaster shades are from Reel Sexy collection. It goes on sale in May.


Shades have typically MAC texture — I don’t know how to explain it, but they are taken easily and so… powdery-loose:


Pink and purple — I like these colors but I’ve never tried wearing them myself, I’ve always tended to another range of colors.

Cremeblend Blush, color Florida are from Shop MAC collection, it’s on sale since March till the end of April.



I love creme blush so much!


And the color is definitely mine!


Very bright even after shading:


I’ll show you some here:

I’ll give the blush an excellent mark so far. (I’ve been wearing them not for so long to be absolutely sure)

And the highliter. Officially it’s called Extra Dimension Skinfinish powder Superb color. It’s from In Extra Dimension collection (it’s on sale since April)


Its texture is described as innovative powdery-gel. Sounds like gel powder by Estee Lauder:


I am suspicious about products of this kind. They’re often too dark for us, pale-skinned residents of Russian megapolices, of have a warm midtone that kills everything on our bluish skin. I wasn’t expecting any good from this product too but it turned out to be translucent:



I would say it’s completely invisible. Where are you, light shimmer? :))

It’s supposed to be applied with brush, but it’s allright with fingers only.

And here are shades, blush and highlighter together (and pen eyeliner from some April collection too):


There is  Tendertone lip balm I already mentioned on my lips.


It seems like I shaded the highlighter to complete disappearence everywhrere except nose.


All in all, I like the shades, I really like the blush. Speaking about highlighter, I already have one irreplaceable thing of this kind by Urban Decay, so we’ll see.

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