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MAC Hey, Sailor! make-up

Tanya 24 мая 2012 0

Senior MAC visagiste in Russia, Valeria Filippova, has made me a completely amazing makeup at Hey, Sailor collection sales start! Some of you have already seen the photos on twitter and facebook (I coulnn’t resist!), but this makeup was worth making more photos at home — so here they are :).

I was in love with Hey, Sailor! collection from the first sight. At first, I like sea style and every summer I’m looking for shirts that look like singlet (and the striped bathing suite like this would be great too!).


Secondly, I like blue and red and there are two fantastic red colors of lipstick and blue shades with blue kohl.

Thirdly, there is a touch of retro and pin-up in the main image and I love pin-up style (I even collect pictures like these at special board, moreover I’ve brought a heavy book about Gil Elvgren from London). There are blush (all three colors seem delicate shades of pink) and highlighter at the collection that totally worth attention. And lips kohls too — all three tones are interesting.

I told Lera to make me anything she wanted and so she did. I’ve never had this kind of eyes before! But let’s put everything in order.


Lera started to collect the products she needed on the makeup table: these very blue shades Nautical Navy and Blue Stripes kohl and Sail La Vie lipstick. And golden pigment Old Gold. Later she also added one more shades that were mixed with blue ones, Coppertone eyebrow shades, lips kohl and Suntints SPF20 lip balm (from the collection too), bronzer and highlughter.

If there is an emphasis on eyes in a makeup (and when they are supposed to be mega rich), at first Valeria deals with them and only after it she applies the face tone. I’ve alresdy seen her a couple of times while making smokey eyes. This way is convenient because anyway the products fall below the eyes and on cheeks and theze zones have to be corrected.

Lera has been conjuring upon my eyes for an unbelievebly long time. When she finished shading blue kohl it seemed to me that it was already great. But I couldn’t imagne what happened next!

That’s me making a photo while Lera is looking for something.

I’ve already written that I have sensitive eyes and can’t stand shading on lower eyelid or in eye corners. Lera wiped away my tears, blocked them at nose (there are some tricky pressings), corrected the work and I cried again. After a while Lera gave up and took a gel blue eyeliner. She jumped around me with it for some more endless number of minutes while showing me all the time where to look and telling that models understand these jestures without words and clients don’t always indeed :).


This is me starting to be shocked :).

Then Lera decided that shaded eye corners are not for me and made a clear shape.


And that moment I had a feeling that Lera made me sunglasses with makeup :). The feeling was alike indeed, but there were no glasses at all. I can imagine what people around me were thinking!

It also became clear what the phrase «it should be possible to draw anything on the model» mean.

Finally I reproach Lera in in being perfectionist and eye tormentress and she decided that everything is allright and moved on to foundation, bronzer and hoghlighter instead of blush. Foundation and bronzer were also applied on neck for that there was no switch boundary. Bronzer seemed to be too dark for me anyway.

And lips were made with real fantasy: kohl first (ether Saunter or Shore Leave, I didn’t quite get it), then some lipstick Sail La Vie tone with brush, and finally translucent lip balm Suntins. There came a very fresh color and it didn’t overlap the eyes enhance.

And we started to make photos:


MAC-Hey-Sailor-me-5With an author of all these things — Valeria Filippova, MAC

Then I made a splash in the editorial office. Well, I guess, at furst I made a light splash in the underground. But in the editorial office even Brendan, our art-director with changeable moods, the only man amorg 16 girls, asked me «Where have you done it with your face?!».

I made some more photos later at home:



In the close-ups the colors are wrong and change from blue to god knows what. And I’m not a Photoshop professional to correct it.


And here blue and a golden pigment in the inner corner can be seen.

My husband’s reaction was interesting (he thinks that if makeup is noticeable, it means that it is bad). He was looking at me secretly from time to time and finally declared that he can’t see my emotions because of my eyes and because of it i seem wery mysterious to him. Makeup as a mask protecting from people around — that’s how it looks :). He also asked me with interest if I can draw it all myself (at the parallel universe only I guess :)).

All in all the feelings today were incredible, like I was turned into a different person. («Plastic indeed!», as someone commented). And I want to paint something else too!

P. S. Hey, Sailor! collection is on sale already, there are also absolutley tendery bags and cosmetic bags with blue stripes!

PSS. If someone’s interested — there are more pictures at the gallery.

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