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Anti-age manicure. Sensation or fake?

Tanya 13 июня 2012 0

Well, finally. I’ve been starting to worry, honestly. There is an anti-age shampoo, anti-age toothpaste but there are no anti-age nail covers. Below there’s a proof picture for those who doubt about the toothpaste. I’ve found it last summer in Greece, on Corfu island, at the supermarket for local residents, and the British pensioners that live there constantly.

The toothpaste was extremely popular, by the way. Although I guess that it was usually used for dental metal-ceramic construction and removable prostheses cleaning. (I can make jokes about it because I have my own mouth full of implants and I’m no different from this toothpaste buyers. At least, I’m not better.)

And now here are anti-age nail laquers. And just in time, I think:)

Old ladies have been looking for something special for too long. Something shimmery, as we like, and with eternal youth inside. But finally there came kind and enterprising people who can make them happy. Dermelect Cosmeceuticals have announced the nail laquers with anti-age functions collection launch.

Pepdidovye proteins (also known as protein peptides) of New Zeland sheep wool are responsible for anti-age qualities. It is said that they are used in medicine at the process of bone transplantation. (No contradictions…The question is how are they supposed to penetrate through such nonliving substance.)

The colors are simple. There are six of them, romantically called Luxurious, lilac hue ans Head Turner. They’re waiting for $2 000 000 profit for the first year but I think the number is too low 🙂 Combination of words «Anti-age» can be sold for much more money. As WWD site says, american salons are already excited about this news and they are ready to take first hundreds of boxes of anti-age laquers to launch special anti-age manicure and pedicure procedures. No doubt, this is how it is.

Well, let’s stop taunting and joking here and move on to scientific political correctness. Anti-age industry is just like the Klondike. People are ready to pay any sums of money for youth. Especially when they already have money and have no more youth. That’s why they’re offered to pay for everything from detox-spa where they will have no food but three sprigs of parsley a day to nail cover with sheep proteins. It’s really hard to realize where the common sense ends and business starts. The Makropulos Affair is not invented, people keep growing old, but the industry is succeeding.

Do you believe in fact that nail laquer can somehow slow down the aging process? At least nails the aging process? Really?..

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