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Rouge Bunny Rouge: shades cases and new colors

Tanya 14 июня 1

Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows cases on the magnets sales have started in early June. There are Duo Eyeshadow Keeper and Trio Eyeshadow Keeper and six new colors of «When the birds sing…» shades (and two constant ones) in replaceable packs.

This is how it looks like:





Shades colors: 15 Abyssinian Catbird and 14 Unforgettable Oriole

There’s nothing special to say about the shades. They’re not bad, there are some interesting colors, they look quite nobly. In my everyday life, however, no one has not taken root. Because of my work I live from one new product to another, but not according to the «such nice shades, let’s take them» principle.

Well, I think that if the shades case is made, moreover if it’s triple, there should be at least more than 10 fillers. When I choose from 10, I think: «Oh, there’s nothing to choose from, why would I need a case, I’ll just take one color and that’s all». And when I have variety of 100, I think: «Wow, I want these or those?» — and finally choose three and a case. And happy but slightly unsatisfied (there are 97 more left!) I go home. And now the idea is clear, but the the  meaning is obscure. The question is have you ever bought such things?

One more question, a lamers one. How can the shades be removed without being crumbled?:))

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Бюджетная косметика
16 июня 2012 в 22:51
I bought three pc palette, there is a little whole at the bottom of the pack, you can stick your nail scissors, tooth pick, nails orange stick cleaner or any other sharp narrow object and the pan will pop out.

I presume there will be more shades in the future, not many brands can afford to have 100 of shades straight away for new product. It also removes preciousness of the product and it is not a niche brand thing as I believe these guys are.
I can only hear good things about their eye shadows from professional bloggers around the world and I am happy with butter soft product that lasts all day without creasing and super thin film. Lovely neutral shades.