Lumieres Byzantines de Chanel: swatches

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Even before starting making photos of these aer-palette I knew that I’ll have problems with it. And also — that I won’t use it as a palette, but only look at it, breath in and out with happiness in my soul that I have it =). Because art is art and it doesn;t have any functions.

And also vasilina, who lives in Paris, already showed it to us — I can’t say these swatches show a lot actually, so don’t wait from me to show more.

Here it is, my lovely (с):

chanel-lumieres-byzantines-de-chanelMore photos after the jump.



My attempt to show you that shades are a little bit different (I know that there are 5 of them. No, I don’t know, why there are only 4. And no — I don’t know which one is which =)):



It has a creamy texture with a lot of sparkles in it. It’s hard to take enough of product and even when you’ve got a lot — you don’t see it on skin.

As I;m not a makeup guru, I tried it as instruction tells.


Do you see anything? =)))

On the sun:



I did like only one variant — to put it to cheeckbones, it really gives more delicate shine.


But still, I suppose, are should be just art and nothing more. And it’s so hard to put a finger to such a beautie =).

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