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Coming soon: Ellis Faas in Russia!

Яна Зубцова
Яна Зубцова 14 сентября 2011 3

Finally, my friends, here comes the sensation. I’m trying not to explode with the pride I feel. In October-November the Dutch brand Ellis Faas is going to appear in Moscow, probably in the Tsum(ЦУМ). Professional make-up artists have heard about it for sure. Just like professional cosmetaholics. Those who have heard about it have been living in utter bliss, and I guess I’m ready to join them. Especially if you take into account the fact that I was practically there in that historic moment when both sides made the agreement. And the readers of BeautyInsider are the first ones to learn about it.

Therefore, I suggest that you guys, too, make an effort not to burst with pride, even though you have every reason to do so. It’s not every year that new brands – created by great professionals who know what and in what purpose they’re creating – appear on the market. And it’s not every year that those brands arrive in Russia, either. And it’s not every minute that you learn about such things not from a thick glossy magazine or an annoying advertisement on the most heavily jammed part of a motorway, but from an independent beauty blog. Applause, please! (I couldn’t take it any more and I burst with pride after all. I’m sorry – kind of…) And now, still wiping my tears, I will tell you about the cosmetics. And about Ellis Faas. Dutch-born Ellis Faas was – and, to be precise, still is – an incredibly established make-up artist. She worked with Lagerfeld. We could put a full stop right here but we can continue as well – she worked with fashion photographer Mario Testino (the great one – sic!), she worked at photo shoots for the campaigns of such companies as Lancome, Clinique, Nina Ricci ect. She did the covers of the most important magazines. She’s created images that could be the source of inspiration for five generations of stylists. She helped create a line of colour cosmetics for Biotherm the production of which was later, in my opinion wrongly, stopped – I still keep my palette of eye shadows in unbelievably optimistic colours, which were some ten years ahead of their time! You can read all about it in detail on her website, which in itself is an example of design and web design of the highest quality. A this is her portfolio in its compact version shot by me with an iPhone:

Below you can find a few of her works made with her own cosmetics. The idea to create the cosmetics came to her mind when she decided that she was a big enough girl to do something more than just create beauty on request:

And this is Ellis herself – in her groomed-up version..:

… and in real life captured by me on my camera. Here she is demonstrating her products.

And these are her beauty products – the great sensation the appearance of which nobody in Moscow knows except for us, so far. They’ all come in this bullet/cartridge-like shape. (I skipped my military training and still can’t tell a regular bullet from a cartridge, but I suppose you are as good with this stuff as I am so you should be able to understand what I mean.)

All the products by Ellis Faas – except for face powder – are sticks. Lipsticks, lipgloss sticks, eyeshadow sticks, mascara sticks. All her products apart from foundations and concealers are made in Italy. The foundations and concealers are produced in Japan because the Japanese are better at making them, says Ellis.

In order to make it easier for make-up artists to use her products, she designed a bandoleer, which in simple terms is a belt which holds the ammunition-like sticks. And for ordinary users she designed a cosmetic bag – a tube/bazooka (in simple terms a pencil case). For face powder – the only product in the line that does not come in the form of a stick – there is a special compartment in the tube.

I’ve tried them all – the mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, blushes, concealers, foundations… For a week or so I was trying to figure out a way to include all that in one post, to tell you everything without missing anything, and to show it to you in the right light so that you could see the colours and all the details exactly as they are. And I did, I found a solution: write several posts on Ellis Faas. After all, it’s not every year that new brands – created by great professionals who know what and in what purpose they’re creating – appear on the market. And it’s not every year that those brands arrive in Russia, either. And it’s not every minute that… Well, see the beginning of this post.
So, a continuation of this posts awaits you thanks to which there exists a risk for all of you to overdose on beautiful beauty 🙂 For now, look at some more photos. For example the one showing a part of Ellis’ studio in Amsterdam and featuring pictures of a few of her works.

And you’ll never guess where I found the sign which you can see below. I won’t even torture you with the uncertainty of it. I found it in the toilet to which I went with a very concrete and ordinary agenda. It turned out that even in that place there was something interesting to see 🙂

А эта табличка ниже — ни за что не догадаетесь, где висит. Даже не буду вас мучить. Я ее сняла в туалете, куда зашла со вполне конкретной и прозаической целью. Но оказалось, там тоже есть на что посмотреть:))

As far as the cosmetics themselves are concerned, for now just believe when I tell you: they’re really amazing. And I’m saying this not because I was practically there in the historic moment when both sides made an agreement, but because I’ve been using them for a week now and I really, really like them. And, by the way, Dutch beauty blogger Serena Verbon – my interview with her can be found here – having learnt that the brand would be launched in Russia, told me “Wow, you’re going to have Ellis Faas? Congratulations! That’s really cool!”

Coming soon: more details and pics. Please, follow our updates and stay with us 🙂


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