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My makeup from Guerlain

Юлия Гребенкина
Юлия Гребенкина 17 октября 2011 0
My makeup from Guerlain

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Some time ago (I don’t even remember when, because all these Fashion Weeks made me crazy) international makeup artist from Guerlain came to Moscow. I had a possibility to have a makeup session with Reynald Leongr and to take a small interview.

That was the same evening when I was in jury of hair stylist contest Color Trophy from L’Oreal Professionnel and got to know that this evening I’ll have to go out on stage for couple of times to give prizes to winners. That’s why I asked him to make me smokey eyes — to look more serious.

And Reynald started. Started from foundation (actually from moisturizing but this is not so interesting).

guerlain-makeup-foundationLingerie de Peau (shade 2) really made me happy person that day! I did like the coverage it gives without any sign of foundation on face and it’s longlasting effect — it did well till the late evening. Now I really want to get it.

Reynald put the foundation using his fingers, also he has all the brushes — he says that fingers better control putting it to problem areas while brush gives more smooth effect.

guerlain-makeup-concealerConcealer Precious Light — to nose and under the eyes. Actually I can’t say something special about this concealer — it’s as good as others from its class.


Here is actually left putting of the lightest Terracotta on cheekbones.

And eye makeup started — using a black pencil.






The shade for smokey eyes Reynald created from 2 palettes — he wanted it to look similar to colour of my pearl earrings. I liked the idea, but I can’t mix colours this way — I’m not an artist =).

It was rather unpleasant to stand pain during smudging along the lashes line — I tried to cry sometimes, Reynald didn’t like it as I could crush all his work and finally said I’m too sensitive and so I don’t need it.

guerlain-makeup-lips-pencilFor lips he chose the most neutral shade of Rouge G and lipgloss.


guerlain-makeup-lips-3And the result.

guerlain-makeup-finalI saw myself for the first time on this photo =)

I didn’t like that the lip contour was darker than the lipstick, and also was surprised he didn’t do anything with my eyebrows. But as a whole it was s great makeup! You can read more about it (including my interview with Reynald) at elle.ru.

And here I am wearing this makeup at the stage of Color Trophy final (by the way, I was very unhappy that I’m in boots instead of high heels, but then decided to forget about it — I couldn’t do anything to materialize high heel right from the air =)).

color-trophyIt was very useful experience, because:

— I understood that I urgently need Lingerie de Peau =)),

— I understood that smokey looks good on me and it’s great to have not standart colour,

— I understood that sun tan powder is not so scaring as I thought — do you see any signs of Terracotta here? And it’s there!

I hope to write about another my makeup session — with By Terry — very soon also.

Photo: Igor Rodin

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