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Armani Prive La femme Bleue

Юлия Гребенкина
Юлия Гребенкина 28 декабря 2011 0
Armani Prive La femme Bleue

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Since 15 of December at TSUM department store the exclusive sales of perfume started — perfume that nearly no magazine had «for testing» because the quantity of the flacons was strictly limited (1 000 flacons in a whole world) and didn’t include press-freebe. I was lucky to get some drops of this strong, stretchy, slim fragrance created around the scent of a flower, the smell of which I can not remember – iris.

If yesterday I was asked about the smell of iris itself I would really have nothing to say. But if I’ll be asked tomorrow as an excellent student I’ll report that it smells like La femme Bleue from the “high line” fragrances collection by signor Armani — Armani Privé. And I’ll definitely get an excellent mark. It’s like sometimes you think about life and come to the idea that it’s “like a good movie” and forget what’s initial and what’s not. Well, signor Armani himself says in the interview for everyone’s use that’s attached to the new aroma launch that he doesn’t remember the iris smell. He just liked the idea – the deep blue color, nearly black, and all the allusions appearing in this connection.

From the very beginning this fragrance was devoted to the blue color that was the key color in Armani spring-summer 2011 collection, but it was somehow late on its way and reached us when we were already frozen a bit and were waiting for spring 2012. but it’s all right – this fragrance isn’t forbidden for winter.

In my opinion, dark blue is a good color for New Year atmosphere, if we drop the stereotypes about green (a Christmas tree) and red (a bow on a Christmas tree) and golden (make-up collections). And anyway it’s a mysterious color. And the fragrance flacon is blue too that contradicts all the Armani Preve collection, where all the flacons are exaggeratedly identical – wenge – colored.

Signor Armani says that he was inspired for creating La Femme Bleue perfume and blue color of the fashion collection both by the desert of the Tuareg nomads. (well, I don’t know, I’ve been to the desert, spending a night with so to say Moroccan Tuaregs and haven’t noticed anything in common with what was shown on Armani’s catwalk. 🙂 Although I must admit that what I’ve seen on the catwalk seems way more sympathetic than what I’ve seen at the desert.

And the perfumer who worked at this fragrance, Serge Majoullier (Mane), says that there are both Moroccan and Sicilian irises mixed. He calls the aroma poetically “an iron handina velvet glove» and I intent to agree with him because the fragrance keeps firm. The question is wether you’d like its grip or not. Press-release indicates the notes: iris absolute, chocolate, incense, vetiver,tonka beans, red cedar. Nosefeelsahaughtychallenge. Itisether “yes” rightawayor “no” forever. Who cares?..

And anyway it’s worth trying, at least because it is definitely a thing that has a little in common with anything else.

To try it you should go to TSUM. Only 13 flacons were delivered to Moscow. The recommended price is 40 000 rubles.

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