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Clarins Gloss Prodige: swatches

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Some colors of lip gloss Gloss Prodige are launching in spring Clarins 2012 collection. I haven’t written anything about is yet.

Lip gloss is a new product and I successfully got 5 tones:

clarins-gloss-prodige-spring-2012Clarins Gloss Prodige: 01 Chocolate, 03 Rose, 04 Candy, 05 Grenadine, 07 Blackberry

The new product has a gel texture that spreads well (although you have to shade a color a little bit while using dark tones) and doesn’t stick. But I liked the applicator most – it’s really convenient and wide enough to apply gloss not millimeter by millimeter, and narrow enough for clear drawing, and it can be bent slightly in different directions.

All the tones are a little shimmery.

Clarins Gloss Prodige 01 Chocolate

clarins-gloss-prodige-01-chocolate-swatch2-spring-2012Generally, real chocolate.


To be honest, chocolate is not my story, but it’ll suit girls with different skin tone for sure. I didn’t make the whole picture of myself with the colors I did not like, but some of them I’ll show you.

Clarins Gloss Prodige 03 Rose


Don’t let the name mislead you – I wouldn’t call it pink. Milky, semitransparent color, whitens a bit.

clarins-gloss-prodige-03-rose-swatch2-spring-2012It has reminded me of Lana Del Rey lips. Nevermind)

clarins-gloss-prodige-03-rose-swatch3-spring-2012I didn’t mean to photo myself wholly, but it seems allright. Finally we have photo without  forehead and chin -).

Clarins Gloss Prodige 04 Candy

clarins-gloss-prodige-04-candy-swatch2-spring-2012This color suited me most of all.

clarins-gloss-prodige-04-candy-swatch-spring-2012Good-looking in general, although the name associates with Britney Spears somehow )

clarins-gloss-prodige-04-candy-swatch-face-spring-2012Clarins Gloss Prodige 05 Grenadine

clarins-gloss-prodige-05-grenadine-swatch2-spring-2012Beautiful too!

clarins-gloss-prodige-05-grenadine-swatch-spring-2012All in all, give us more of the grenadine! -)

clarins-gloss-prodige-05-grenadine-swatch-face-spring-2012 Clarins Gloss Prodige 07 Blackberry


clarins-gloss-prodige-07-blackberry-swatch-spring-2012And the whole look:


It feels like there’s a little lack of lips mousturising, but perhaps the reason is that I’m not used to gel texture. But the applicator excuses this disadvantage – it seems like I can color my lips with it even blindfold.

You can buy it on feelunique.com.

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Caroline F.
8 марта, 2012 at 22:47
You must try papaya. Especially if you like purple or lavender eyeshadows. It'll suit you best.
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Fletcher Felson
6 июля, 2012 at 23:32
This is a topic that is close to my heart... Thank you! Where are your contact details though?
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