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Ellis Faas. Test-drive from Elya

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This post is really not about Ellis Faas lipstick, although about it too. This post is about reciprocity and about that no good deed goes in vain. When I’d become nearly the only owner of some Ellis Faas lipsticks in Moscow long before their appearance in the sale I’d given L106 tone to Elvira or blogger Elya-Chaba. And as a result of testing Elya had decided to write a guest post to us. And she’d sent it right at the moment I’d been packing my things after nearly two-week holidays in Yalta and had been thinking sadly that tomorrow I’d be in a train and would not be able to post anything.

To sum it up, it’s the best proof of that it’s better to be generous and kind than greedy and wicked. So, meet Elya’s opinion on Ellis Faas and wish me a good way home! 🙂

Ellis Faas L106 lipstick is one of the most awesome lipsticks and one of the most weird colors.

Thanks to Yana, I could try two Ellis Faas lipsticks of different editions. And that’s what I’m telling about, showing you and thanking Yana again for. The story is about L 106 tone today. Fairly, it’s hard to say what edition is belongs to. At my photo there’s a box with “Milky” title behind it, but it’s gone long ago, and there’s only tone number on the tube itself. And I doubt because other bloggers describe this edition as the one with a brush and glossy texture. And I have a sponge. That’s why I don’t know, it seems like Creamy for me…

I’ll start with a packaging as everybody does. This special pack haven’t attracted me much at first, I’ve been drawn mostly with the new brand and concept. In practice these “cartridges” have appeared to be more lightweight and less solid than they looked like at the pictures. And I’ve heard no mentions about them being useful.I think so neither, however I hardly ever rouge directly with the lipstick because I got used to do it with a brush. I guess, if the color of this lipstick was not that bright it would be fine to rouge with this sponge. I’ve also noticed a surprise after a while – when I was already done with rouge and wasn’t twisting the lipstick for some time, in a few minutes some liquid flowed out to the sponge as if waiting for the next time. All in all, Allice’s talks about how awesome all these things are constructed to save women from brushes use just make me smile.

But the quality of the product itself makes me forgive all these details.

The texture is really unusual – while highly pigmented it feels very comfortably on lips, I think it’s perfect for those who like bright colors but don’t like the feeling of dence lipsticks.

It neither dries my lips nor moisturizes them.

It’s applied thin and smoothly and it fills all the creases and moves nowhere later. Finish is a little bit wet, just a little amount, no sparkles. And if one applies one layer it’s almost mat. It feels like comfortable paint on lips – thick, but bright and resistant.

But there’s something in this lipstick that stops me. The color. Deep brick-red-brown with cinnamon notes. I’d never tried wearing such a color before. And at first, in review draft I’d written that the color on my lips looks horrible and foreign matter and makes me appear as cancer patient and even older than I am. By the way, the first photoset and make-up variant proves it.

But then I tried again with slightly different makeup and it seemed that it can be interesting. It doesn’t freshen – but vice versus brings some depth to the image.

It’s retro for me. In 90s when I was a child Cindy Crawford at the first Cosmo issues had been wearing similar color – red changing to brown. Everyone had been wearing it then. ) But still I can’t go out for an important meeting this way and can’t finally make up my mind whether I like this color on me or not. What about you?

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