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Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux — Bucolic Blossoms

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These shades were first to attract my attention from the whole Givenchy spring collection. I have Dolce&Gabbana palette with the similar green color, but even lighter. So I was curious whatwill these colors turn out to be. I’ve been worried that they would be too bright and rich and I won’t be able to wear them, but it turnedother way around.

givenchy-le-prisme-yeux-quatuor-79-bucolic-blossoms-spring-2012Colors closer:

givenchy-le-prisme-yeux-quatuor-79-bucolic-blossoms-spring-2012_2On hand:
givenchy-le-prisme-yeux-quatuor-79-bucolic-blossoms-spring-2012_swatch-on-handThe shades are friable, they crumble away when taken to the brush. I had to apply many layers for swatch because they are semitransparent and barely noticeable.

Well, practically, it is the question of brush choice. I wouldn’t recommend you to use the applicators that are included with shades. As far as I wanted more color (and I’d been worried that it’ll be too much of it!), I took the smallest shade brush by Rouge Bunny Rouge – it has short rigid hair, it takes eyeshades well and shades them away finely. For calmer variants bigger and softer brush can be used.

Firstly I tried those very green that made me interested:

givenchy-le-prisme-yeux-quatuor-79-bucolic-blossoms-spring-2012_swatch_eyesI liked it!

givenchy-le-prisme-yeux-quatuor-79-bucolic-blossoms-spring-2012_swatch_faceThere is one more spring collection product — Le Prisme Blush Boclique blush Rose tone on my cheeks. It’s another favorite of mine in these seasonal specials.

I thought a while and then added purple and brown to the lower eyelid.



givenchy-le-prisme-yeux-quatuor-79-bucolic-blossoms-spring-2012_swatch_eye_openI liked it too. It is such a real spring!

givenchy-le-prisme-yeux-quatuor-79-bucolic-blossoms-spring-2012_swatch_face2And I think that blush suits this perfectly!

Speaking about durability I can say that they partly keep until evening and slipinto the folds although they don’t loose their color (the color remains but changes its place somehow which is unusual because if the shades are not resistant they just disappear completely). All in all they are to be applied upon foundation and I was not able to do it this way yet.

Surely it’s possible to make something completely different with a help of this palette, for example this. But I don’t know why it should look so bright if the thing is about tenderness andhints

All in all, in my opinion the product is successful. And the whole collection is good – complete rehabilitationafter disastrous Christnas!

UPDATE. Shades remain greatly all day long upon Urban Decay eyeshadow primer!

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