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Must have: Diorshow Heat Curl

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I’ve never expected to see such a device for eyelashes curling by Dior. If I’m not mistaken Panasonic and some other not so famous brands have something like that. But I’ve never thought about such devices before Dior’s one – I’ve even been afraid of tweezers and here I have to bring something hot (!) very close to your eyes(!)!

The reality appeared really pleasant. More over, it’s the best beauty-product of the year for me personally!

Diorshow_heat-curlThe device is small and lightweight. The package also includes AAA battery that you should insert and a brush for cleaning apparently.

I didn’t manage to insert the battery by myself, even the instruction didn’t help. Plastic is thick, I was afraid to break it and asked for my husband’s help.

The part that is used for heat curl looks like that:

Diorshow_heat-curl_fromviewDiorshow_heat-curl_closeviewDiorshow_heat-curl_backviewThe instruction misleads: it says that one should turn the device on (there is a choice of two modes of temperature) and wait until it gets hot and light turns green. I’ve been waiting for some time… but nothing turned green although the curler was hot. If one looks attentively, there’s only red plastic around the lamp, so it can’t turn green anyway. Perhaps it is green on some models and red on others but it glows right after turning the device on.

The temperature feels to be higher than 30 degrees that were announced. 30 degrees are colder than human body temperature and here one can feel warmth obviously. Not the scorching one, just warmth. The curler allows to capture all the lashes and curl even the ones in corners of eyes thet were sticking out after tweezers use.

The result for both eyes is achieved in three minutes. One just has to curl lashes from roots with a tip of a curler and lashes go between the upright plates (pictured) in groups and «pass» on the hot surface of the tip of the instrument. It iakes me 10 times to have a good effect.

And the effect is awesome! It is much better than lash tweezers, believe me, I’ve NEVER had such a curled lashes. Tweezers have given a good result too, but there’s a thing about them. Tweezers form the bend from the middle of a lash, you can catch them there. But

diorshow Heat Curl raises lashes right from the roots. I nearly cried when I first tried it.

I’ve tried to make photos of how it works:



One more thing – it seems that mascara is applied to the lashes better.

Surely, it’s not quite clear what impact on the health of the cilia.can be. I think nightly Diorshow serum use should neutralize the effect, I’ll make an update when it’ll be more to say about that.

If you need this – hurry up, Diorshow Heat Curl is a limited product.

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