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Clarins summer 2012, review & swatches

Tanya 10 апреля 1

Yesterday I saw a joke on FB: «Everyone who survives three months of winter-2012 gets the fourth for free». One more proof for the fact that nothing is more fun than jokes about sad things.

And now I’m sitting meditating on Clarins Enchanted Summer collection, luring the summer. Propose you to join.

India is a source of inspiration for the collection (not Russia indeed:) But it is a really westernized India, without elephants and other frills. The image at the latest trends in Clarins, simple, clear, without excessive creative but with explicit emphasis. It will seem boring again for somebody. But I like it again.

The emphasis is shading of purple shades around the eyes. The model has green eyes — and suddenly it’s very pretty. (There is a lot of purple shades in all the collections, I’ll make a post of comparison if I remember to.) Here is one more picture, it’ s more clear:

The collection hit is Enchanted Colour Quartet & Liner Palette. Four colors and gel liner. Promo photo looks like that:

In my hand — this way:

A difference between colors is not radical, I mean, you can believe the promo picture and it’s nearly rarity nowadays. It’s only purple that they’ve made look like blue. In fact t’s purple 🙂 Prints are a tribute to India.

There’s a lot of silky shimmer in the texture, I guess it should look like sari. In general, the textures are cool. The colors are bright and they are applied smoothly, nearly like good gel bronzer. The right line is gel eyeliner, then all shades anti-clockwise:


There was no shading. Here they are with shading:

The silver one is the easiest and better shaded, it disappears itself, but masterfully highlites bronze and gold. Purple is the least shiny, it is nearly mate and it is good because if it was wet and shiny it would inevitably highlite wrinkles of the lower eyelid. And I stick to the old-fashioned views that makeup should beautify 🙂 (I had a discussion with Estee Lauder visagist Eric while they were presenting their gel shades. He insisted that it is bold and cool to have fashionable makeup and not to care about how old you are. And I answered that one can not care but why emphasise? Finally, we didn’t to a consensus that time 🙂

Being deposited on the base the shades after half of a day still look well — that’s all I can say about their durability.

There are three more palettes  of different tones (light, medium, dark) in the collection of mineral bronzer powder Bronzing Duo SPF 15. This is how they look like on promo photo:

In reality — like this:

They are pretty tightly compacted and are peculiarly taken with brush. They can’t be taken with a small and wide (like the ones attached to Chanel bronzers and shimmers) at all. With a big round brush they are applied better and so they give a nice steady cover. As the brand declares there is a lot of wholesome things in them — from white tea extract to vitamin E, saying nothing about SPF. But here I am skeptical because I can’t understand the way all these treasures can penetrate the skin and somehow influence the whole situation if powder is applied as the thinnest veil?..

By the way, do you believe in efficency of  SPF-filters at powders and bronzers like this one? It’s still a question for me.

There are also 4 colors of  lipsticks-balms Lisse Minute Baume Cristal at the collection.

There are nice lipsticks that consist of two components that Clarins has just launched. They have balm texture but have a prettu strong pigment. They feel very comfortable on lips but the colors are too bright for me, I’m a lipgloss fan as everybody knows 🙂

If someone is looking for a positive carrot color I recommend you to pay attention to N 03.

And finally there are eyeliners Kohl Kajal, black and purple, Limited Edition,  and I’m sad that I don’t have them but I still hope I finally will.

More over, lipglosses and two kinds of mascara — black and blue:

Lipglosses Colour Quench Lip Balm are strongly pigmented too, but transparent and shimmery. And very comfortable too.

I don’t have any of Wonder Waterproof Mascaras (Wonder Black  and aquamarineWonder Mint) and that’s why I’m sad too because I seem to need aquamarine badly. At least as a mascara.
To tell the truth, the main reason for me being sad is that one moth of spring is taken away from us. How can I for just 120 (if it won’t be snowing in March) days of summer find time to use them all, eh? ..

Allright, I’m taking away Clarins and starting to meditate on Chanel summer collection. Anyway it’s better than staring at the window.

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