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Two updates

Tanya 20 апреля 0

Everything changes and sometimes I have to make an effort and tell you about new impressions and news about the things already mentioned in the blog.

At first it’s eyelash curler by Dior. It’s almost three months since we’re togethen and I still think it’s the best beauty-discovery of the year.

My eyelashes haven’t fallen off because of it, they din’t split (or whatever could have happened to them because of heat influence:)) Anyway, they’re healthy as always. I can’t imagine my life without this device, take it to all the trips and hope it’ll never break :).

The first battery that was included was discharged at the end of the February. I guess the fact that I was keeping it on the windowcill had influenced it somehow because the temperature was low and batteries don’t usually like it. I didn’t get what was going on right away (I’m always a little slow in the morning) and was surprised that the device had become less hot and no longer curved the eyelashes. 🙂 I realized the situation only when the battery was completely low. It’s working well with a new battery for almost two months.

The second update is about BB creme by Сlinique. It’s not an update actually, it’s a need to apologize for lack of attention. After blogging about it, Garnier and Estee Lauder I’ve come to conclusion that Clinique is the best of three.

And I’ve noticed a mention Formulated for Asian skins. And everything have become clear to me, talking about deadly face color. Obviously there are grey whitening pigments that are loved by Asian women for covering their skin yellowness. So what I had was not a sample of creme that is going to be launched in Russia in June but the Asian version.

The reasonable question had appeared wether our June version is different from Asian one. And I already have our sample. I’ve managed to try it just once and it doesn’t seem to whiten anymore. Moreover it seemed to be a little bit dark (I have tone 2) compared to the Asian one. Well, one time is not enough for conclusions so i promise you investigating journalism :).

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