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A box has arrived to my office lately:


And I’ve surely starded to open it:


And there were:



Three new colors of Vivienne Sabo Charme de Vous moisturizing lipstick:


The company somehow calls them red… I don’t agree with that.

They are promised to be on sale since 20th of March so you may have seen them.

They look like that:


Left to right: 119 tone (for brunettes, that’s why the package is black), 121 tone (for all types of appearance, white package), 120 tone (for blonds, bright package)

Practically we have:


119 — obviously pink, 121 — orange, 120 — red.

So we need lips photos because it seems allright on hand. But:

119 tone


Not bad actually. It’s a little bit muted at the picture, it’s brighter in reality.


Lipstics is very comfortable, it doesn’t dry lips and texture is so to say perfect.

120 tone



This tone is applied unevenly, as if it wants to escape to the edges. Haven’t impressed me much.

And the drawing card — 121 tone



Sorry, but I haven’t seen such a tastelessness for a long time! I even guess I’ve never seen it in blogs.

Somehow only very stereotypical women images appear in my mind while thinking about ones who can like it. Such a dense cover and fine texture, and such a killer tone. Moreover it glitters with gold over the color, it’s death directly.

I haven’t decided yet where to wear 119 lipstick, the only one that suits me. It’s too bright for work, and to tell the truth wearing a lipstick is a rare success that happens for example when my husband leaves for work earlier ( and I can put makeup on without  his claims) or when I make an effort and makeup in a bathroom at work (that hardly ever happens). That’s why I’ve searched information about lipsticks quality in the Internet. I’ve found  a lot of complaints about bad coverage, easy fading and sometimes it stays on lips permanently (depending on tone). I’m not sure about these tones and if I have a chance to test 119th, I’ll make an update.

So the price of Vivienne Sabo lipsticks is 150-170 rubles.


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