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I think that everyone remembers these eyes and lips kohl launch announcement. The pendants that are attached to them are so nice:

Shoes, hearts, envelopes…Spillikins indeed!

Dealing with kohl is quite unclear for me. I have a couple of dozens of them but I only use black kaya from time to time :). I surely use a kohl with lipstick, but it’s a need, not an act of a creative imagination. So I admire people that use kohl in their makeup and make something beautiful with it :).

It was a slight retreat so let’s go back to Dolce&Gabbana spring kohl:


There are 8 tones at all: 4 -for eyes and another 4 — for lips.


Some of them have sparcles as it can easily be seen.

There are Stromboli (1), Coffee (2), Black (5), Platinum (6) tones for eyes:


For lips we have Nude (1), Dahlia (4), Fire (5), Soft (6):


I’ve tried both lip and eye kohl. They are quite worthy (I don’t know what can be valued in them? 🙂 They are applied softly and they last long).

By the way, these nice pendants are quite uncomfortable. Every kohl move makes them scatter in different directions. For example if you draw lip countour with one hand and hold an already opened lipstick in another you can easily get it with a flying pendant (that’s exactly what I’ve done)). Moreover, this motion distracts. One more important note — these pendants are placed to where shading sponges usually are. I have a girls soul, but I would have chosen a sponge :)).


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  1. pauline

    I love it!!!! very original but in the end i would prefer a sponge to haha

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