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Kohls and lipglosses from spring MAC collections

Tanya 24 апреля 0

So I continue telling you about MAC.

There are four eye kohls in Reel Sexy (May 2012 ) collection. I can show you two of them:

MAC-eye-kohl-heirloom-hyacinthThey are lavender-grey Heirloom and dark blue Hyacinth.



At Miss Piggy collection (on sale in April on site www.mac-cosmetics.ru only ) there is felt-tip pen Penultimate Eye Liner, color — Rapid Black:


I’ve already overcome a period of usung felt-tip pens as eye liners and have moved to the «brush and gel eyeliner in a jar» variant which seems to be smpler and more diverse at once. This felt-tip pen seemes to be uncomfortable because of the tip shape:


At some areas of eyes it’s not an easy thing to use. But the main disadvantage is a tone. True black is promised but practically it becomes brighter when it dries and looks a little bit washed out. And if you apply one more layer, as I do, it can smear a previous one and finally it looks unequally drawn.

On the other hand, some like this very lighter variant because it looks more natural than bright black line. By the way, a really bright black line can be drawn by gel liner in a jar neither. It’s a better task for liquid eyeliners.

And now let’s move to the heroes that have conquered my heart — two lipglosses.

At first, meet Сremesheen Glass lipgloss in Star Quality color (bright orange coral). And it’s Reel Sexy (May) collection again:




Really pleasant color without any sparkles and other things, that translucently wraps lips.

Makeup here has quite diffenent color scheme, so photo is just for fun:


Second lipgloss is different from 90% of color cosmetics that I show you. I really wear it! It’s Kissable Lipcolour from Shop MAC (March-April) collection, color Enchantee.


I’m sure that somewhere I have other Kissable Lipcolours, but they haven’t left any emotions in me. But this one is completely different: I really understand all the advantages of this thing that on the one hand is a lipgloss and on the other hand looks like creme lipstick.


Except for an appropriate color, texture and comfortable wearing (no complaints during the day) I was attracted by complete «laziness» of a product. No need of kohl or foundation, no runnind around mirror. Just spread and go. And it doesn’t look completely like lipgloss.



All in all, I add it to The Very Good Spring Products list that already includes Givenchy spring collection blush, their shades, MAC shades from the previous post (that I surprisingly wear too) and Сlinique BB-creme. It’s really amazing that I use so many new products last moths and they’re not just lying in boxes!


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