My new love: lip balm from Cook MAC collection

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From all the variety of collections that MAC launches in April I have recieced a number of products from each one. And I’ve even managed to make photos of them (so this week I’ll spam you with MAC!).

Despite all the bright colors most of all I liked transparent lip balm with golden glitter from Cook collection. This one:


Lip balm is called Tendertone, color — Tread Gently. There are also orange Purring, cherry Hot ‘ n’ Saucy, golden-beige Hush, Hush at the collection. I would have had them all with a great pleasure :).

The description says it’s lime and yellow. I can’t see any green modulations, only golden ones:


The base is transparent:


It has fruity smell (it’s said that it must be strawberry and kiwi, I’m not sure, but it’s pleasent anyway) and taste. And texture is the main thing.


It’s unbelievably comfortable for me. At first I thought that it’s lipgloss because it’s obviously gel, but care is at a decent level too. That lip balm has already saved me a couple of times after photographing (you know, first lipstick — washed away — second one — wadshed away — third one — washed away — oh, lip disaster).  The gold glitter that can be seen on swatch is quite mild and doesn’t strike the eye:


So, I have one more lip balm in use (12th one? or 13th? anyway, it’ s uncountable:).


Transparent lip balms like this delineate contour of the lips very nicely by play of light, so they are like lip highlighters. And when you have such a contour  it seems that you are a young and pretty girl 🙂 (allright, I’m talking too much, I’m done).

You can buy the lip balm on the brands website. It’s 660 rubles, by the way.


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  1. pauline

    I have one as well in red, very pigmented and they last like forever:)

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