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Paris. Aroma news.

Tanya 25 мая 2012 0

Dear ones, there is the news from Paris about the aromas that are expected in autumn. There’ll be a lot of them. They will be worthy. So, what I’ve just heard:

Peony Penhaligon’s — Peony Eve. With such a flirty pink bow. Оlivier Cresp is a perfumer. Peonies are flowers that have suddenly become very trendy. I’ve heard so many confessions of love to peonies I’ve never heard before.

Moreover there is a smokysweet-spicy Diptyque Volutes with a very interesting concept.

It is dedicated to one gorgeous lady that once (in 1930-s or something) was smoking a cigarette on the deck of a ship that traced from Europe to Asia. Fabrice Piligrim is a perfumer.

An interesting fragrance for L’Artisan Parfumeur is done by Bertrand Duchaufour — Seville a l’Aube.The aroma is about love indeed. Duchaufourlikes it himself — he is happy as a kid. Or as a father that is happy because of a new child birth. A healthy and nice child. By the way the fragrance was created in collaboration with one perfume blogger that has written a book about it later. The book is being published in England in June and I’m going to get it for sure.

And finally comes admirably-thoughtful, sweet wood, crunchy and dreamy Nuit Etoilee by Annick Goutal.

The perfumer is a tiny, one hundred percent French with the mostdifficult to define French charm Elizabeth Duaene.

And — who are looking for, he shall find, although it’s hard to say when and how, so at her laboratory I finally met these vintage treasures that Roje Dove has told us so much about and that we admired here many times. They have a pretty clear mission here being a source of inspiration for Elizabeth.

The last photo is perfume organ. There is one in every perfume laboratory. That’s how it looks like. There are about 800 ingredients here that one day being composed, as a puzzle, into a single image, can become a new aroma. And that’s not nearly all that Elizabeth has in her laboratory. Some part of it is in the cases, another on the table or under it — almost everywhere. And what is more, they all find place inside her head. That’s quite something hardly believeable.

All the aromas are going to appear in September or October. I’ll try them and tell you everything.

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