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Yves Saint Laurent Fall-2012 make up collection. Lipsticks swatches

Tanya 25 мая 2012 0

Some more indistrial espinage 🙂

I realized that even all my doubts about if it’s that necessary to know in the end of May what’s going to be a hit in October can’t make me enjoy admiring alone. YSL collection is too good to keep it srcret till august. That’s why I’ll tell you at least about lipstick, and we’ll see how it’ll go 🙂

There are six colors, I had a chance to inspect three of them:

That is how it looked on the model lips. Please don’t look at expression on her face, I was nearky onehundredfiftyeightth who jumped ariund her with Iphone 🙂

I was admired by these tones (usually I’m far from lipsticks of any kind) and their durability. And as the ones who was wearing it on lips all day said, it doesn’t dry lips at all.

And durability of nail laquers YSL is what I can witness myself ( I already mentioned that). There are swatches made today below, six days after applying.

It’s even longer and better than Kristina Fitzgerald covers that I praised a lot of times here. Bravo, YSL!

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