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Product of the day: Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara

Tanya 31 мая 2012 0

2000 Calorie mascara is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. On this occasion it has a new package and is launced in three varieties for volume: simply volume, waterproof volume and curling volume.


I’ve been using this «supposed-to-be-a-new-one-but-not-indeed» mascara for two months already and I can tell you that it is good.


I have a curling edition although I don’t need it, thanks to Dior curler (well, I can’t see it really, after Dior all these things seem to be an illusion). Curved brush has hard bristles that are paced in a special order for optimally stained lashes.



The formula includes some patentedliquid crystals for elongation and waxes for volume.

It’s usually too much mascara put on a brush, especially at the tip. But curiously enough is doesn’t leave lumps on eyelashes, it seems like these bristles really comb well.

The only minus is the werid curve of the brush. Either it’s me having wrong-shaped eyes or the curve is too short, but the brush tip always pokes me in the eye where it’s not supposed to and leaves not even lumps but «weights» of mascara. It’s pretty hard to dye lower eyelashes without soiling everything around them (I have three on each, so you see). I finally get used to all these things — but you should keep it in mind.

All in all it’s a very good mascara that gives a non-dramatic volume (they always promise 300%, when will they finally stop doing this?) and not very bright black color — it is a perfect every-day option for me. There are no complaints about resistance too.

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