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Grand Bal Christian Dior for beautyinsiders

Tanya 4 июня 2012 0

It’s always good to tell pleasent news. For example, today the news is that the special action is planned for beautyinsider followers on the occasion of Grand Bal fragrance launch that has just successfully joinуed La Collection Privee.

Grand Bal is a fantastically beautiful, lush and elegant aroma that is appropriate at the ball. But if there’s no ball it can add New Look to some simpler dress.

And La Collection Privee itself id the favorite space of Francois Demachy, where he works free from marketing frameworks, as he says. (I wrote about this collection there.)

So I wouldn’t skip Grand Bal launch. And so, Dior decided to please us all.

Specially for beautyinsider followers on June, 8th at 18.00 at Ile de Beaute on Maroseika the aroma will be presented. There’s also an interesting lection about ballroom etiquette coming, a story about balls that Christian Dior visited wearing Lion suit and — attention! — great surprises.

Buying of the aroma is not an obligatory condition of invitation to the presentation. Your will is obligatory (write us about it to yana.3@mail.ru). And the seriousness of your intentions is important, because the quantity of people that Ile de Beaute can accommodate at once is limited. So if you write that you’re coming and get a confirmation that you’re added to the list then try to come of al least tell us that you can’t come before 5th of June. All in all — a number of nice things is limited but it doesn’t mean that personally you won’t get them:)

Personally I tried Grand Bal only briefly and mistook badly about the composition and took jasmine that smells there strongly for another flower. And I seemed to feel a new perfume love, and it was not a misake. So give me a couple of days and I’ll tell you everything about Grand Bal in detail.

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