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Chanel Blue Illusion: collection swatches

Tanya 18 июля 2012 3

We hope you have used the opportunity to see Blue Illusion de Chanel makeup collection at the brand’s beauty-boutique with BeautyInsider code word. For those who haven’t left the comments yet — you still have time until monday evening, we’re looking forward to see them. And we’ll show you three products from the collection that we have: blue kohl, creme shades and nail cover.

chanel-blue-illusionBlue cohl Le Crayon Yeux, color Blue Aerien.


A great example that bloggers must be able to make color correction (I’m unable to do that) because it’s blue, but not purple as at the photo.

chanel-blue-illusion-crayon-yeux-blue-aerien-tipShades Illusion d’Ombre, color Attraction.



Really really beautiful color. It reminds me Dior shades, sorry for my everlasting comparisons.

Nail laquer, color Sky Line:


I didn’t pay attention to it at the presentation, but it turned out to be beautiful:


And reasonably cool, as if slightly frosted.


I’m afraid of saying «unique», everyone will throw rotten tomatoes at me -) But I’ve never had laquers of such colors and I haven’t seen any during work.

I should also add that the laquer has its own character, and it’s pearl. It surely means that it leaves stripes, lies roughly and bubbles a little (perhaps the last thing is optional, I’m pretty clubhand). And it looks miraculous and wonderful with light flashing on it that partly cover the stripes. Keep it in mind!

Some creme shades on eyelids and kohl:


Have you chosen anything from the collection?

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