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Jo Malone London Blooms Collection

Юлия Гребенкина
Юлия Гребенкина 21 декабря 2011 0

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We know that many of you were dying to get Jo Malone tea collection at our year results.

Dear friends, you don’t need to be dying no more because in March (right before the 8th of March) we’re going to have a new limited collection called London Blooms.

“Gardening is a form of a self-expressing. Especially in England” — a press-release informs us. And we can guess that London Blooms are going to be about English flowers.

I want to tell those who haven’t read about this collection in the western sources that there are three new perfume compositions and the bottles are decorated with flower patterns.



jo-malone-london-bloom-PEONY_MOSS-beautyinsiderpeony-jo-malone-london-bloom-beautyinsiderjo-malone-london-bloom-drawingElegance and vice contrast is promised, soft delicate peony surrounded by moist earthy moss. With thick black currant notes in the heart. And the trail of ivy and lush greenery.

White Lilac & Rhubarb



Astringency of rhubarb breaks through the romantic florals. The softness of lilacs. The rosesfemininity. And the almond note ofthe sun-loving heliotrope.

Iris&Lady Moore


iris-jo-malone-london-bloom-beautyinsiderjo-malone-london-bloom-drawing-2The combination of spicy and fresh geranium and noble iris upon the elegant bed of dry vetiver.

Everything is on sale from March, 4600 rubles for 100 ml.

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