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I was somewhat hasty in this post with my promise to show all the nail covers in the next few days. But you must know that I was tormented by conscience, and finally tortured by it. So – voila – there are all five colors for you: Untitled Black, Ultra Violet, Electric Blue, Pink Graffiti и Metallic Silver.

In my opinion, the collection is really highly successful. I like cream coatings like these, without any shimmer, I like these bright colors, they are all of the same mood and even can be combined. That’s what I do – wear Untitled Black with Ultra Violet on two fingers of the right hand.

Well, it’s also creditably that I’m wearing them. That’s the difference between them and 99% of other new nail covers. I usually apply them, swatch and forget. But Dior nail laquers have somehow got into my mood, especially Untitled Black.

Let’s start with it.

Untitled Black

dior-anselm-reyle-untitled-black-swatch-1Glossy rich black. As all these laquers, it is applied tight in two layers, one is not enough.



I like the light looks on this laquer. And this is such a calm and elegant black, nothing gothic. -)

As I already mentioned, it looks good with violet:

So here is the violet.

Ultra Violet

dior-anselm-reyle-ultra-violet-swatch-1Beautiful color!


dior-anselm-reyle-ultra-violet-swatch-3Pink Graffiti


The color is a little bit wrong, t looks like pink-red, but in my opinion it’s cold pink.

dior-anselm-reyle-pink-graffiti-swatch-1It turns out to be almost a plastic laquer.

dior-anselm-reyle-pink-graffiti-swatch-3Electric Blue

Has changed my attitude to blue shades in nail polishes.

dior-anselm-reyle-electric-blue-swatch-2After one layer, I still had doubts about it, but after two the effect was absolutely different!



dior-anselm-reyle-electric-blue-swatch-1It is the next for me for a spectacular going out.

Metallic Silver

The only one that I haven’t really understood.






A playful laquer. By the way, sparkles easily go to the cuticle.

Play of light, nielloed silver …But I’m still having fun woth for other nail polishes -).

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