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Make-up trends SS 2012

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Dears. In the nearest future the avalanche of spring collections will fall on you. We – and Julia especially — have strongly contributed to this by posting promo pictures of the main trendsetters Сhanel, Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain so to say everywhere. Soon it’s going to be a second avalanche of swatches (everywhere, and surely, here too). And then the third – of glossy pictures in magazines.

Traditionally, I’m spending my time on watching the pictures from shows for the umpteenth time, dividing them into trends, forming the main ones and by dissecting my own brain every imaginable way and trying to cut off what can possibly be cut off. The thing is that you can surely pay no attention to all the trends and buy whatever you’re given according to the «mimimi I want it!» principle. You also can announce your independence from all these trends and buy nothing at all according to the principle «not a cent to the enemy». And finally there is a sensible approach of buying more or less reasonable minimum that will comply with the trends and won’t make you to get bankrupt.  Surely, there is some flawed dependence in a word “comply”. Although I prefer to admit it proudly and to let it go into more or less peaceful course.

So that’s why.

And for fun too, surely. Although unfortunately unlike Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 there’s not much to laugh at. All the trends that matter more or less are most commercially decent and boring in a way. But the advantage is that you can wear them.

So the main trend again are eyebrows.

You can’t pretend to have a trendy look without them even if you buy all the Chanel palettes and all Dior polishes. The evidence from Dolce&Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Marni, Lanvin, Balmain is below.

I can go on and on but the conclusion is simple – it seems like eyebrows are to be grown anyway. There is a lot of ways at the comments to the post “who managed to grow eyelashes”. Those who wouldn’t manage, are to draw them. So, the real must-haves are means to care for the eyebrows, the serum for their growth and pencils and shades for drawing them.(By the way my experiment for growing these strategically important accessories is going more or less successfully, and if I only take this very serum M2 with me everywhere…)

The second obligatory trend is new smoky-eyes and an entirely new scheme of shades use.

Our expert Alena Moiseeva has told about it, by the way. Actually, they are practically mono-shades that are put to all the entire surface of the upper eyelid and partially — on the lower eyelid as a liner. In Gucci’s hard-version it looks like “I’m new panda” make-up.

In the soft-versions these are just well feathered shade one tone. For example, in Galliano’s version they’re brick-red and that makes models look like deeply sick with something incurable, but адски трепетных созданий. Chekhov wouldn’t leave them disregarded for sure.

There are also very casual variants. So to say they can be used by those who do not tend to find themselves compassionate male nurse as a life companion.

The practical moral of this story is that this season you can easily save on multi-shadow palettes. Two or three key tones, right grey, right green or right brown plus right brush for shading are enough. (Allright, let’s say one palette according to «mimimi I want it!» principle, but not more. 😉

Trend 3 – pink lips.

There was nearly only one show of bright red lipstick – by Dior.

Overwhelming majority – Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Chloe, saying nothing of the shy Burberry, Donna Karan, и CK insisted on chaste lips colors. And even Docle & Gabbana put aside their Sicilian passion & cheekiness.


The moral is – you buy red lipstick only if you can’t imagine living without it. In all the other cases well-pigmented matte lipsticks or glosses, any other lipsticks and glosses are our everything. There are awesome variants of such lipsticks and glosses by MAC, or Laura Mercier, and many others.

At the second part of S/S 2012 trends review we’ll talk about hair, nails and general mood. And now I’d like to ask you how did you like these trends? Boring? Or you like them? For me, personally, they are boring although I like them.

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