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Noir G de Guerlain. Test Drive

Юлия Гребенкина
Юлия Гребенкина 4 марта 2012 0

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Sometimes funny coincidence happens in our lives. Right about the moment Julia was posting the announce of the first mascara in a case with mirror from Noir G de Guerlain I’ve been trying to open this very same case and to pull out the thing one’s supposed to dye eyelashes, while in more than 1000 kilometers from Julia. While doing that I used nearly all my offensive language reserve, although I’ve always been thinking it’s endless. 🙂

Specifically for smart girls like me there’s a sticker on the case with instructions in three languages – English, French and Farsi, I guess.

At first, I never read instructions. Secondly, even if I do I usually don’t understand a word in them.And thirdly, I’d already known how this mascara should be opened – in theory. Draw at first, then click, and then implement the rotational motion. But in practice my skillful hands with crème leftovers couldn’t manage to do these three simple operations.

I had to wash my hands, then dry them…and finally use another mascara — High Definition Clarins.

What I’d decided for the next time was to dye lashes at first and then apply face cream. But even that way the rotational motion was really hard for me. All in all, after a couple of tries I got used to open this mascara, but in general this process requires some efforts, physical as far as mental (for my brain, at least). The thing is that a cap should be rotated in a certain direction (to oneself, if one is right-handed and dye eyelashes with one’s right hand) and that it should be done energetically, applying a force and knowing that magic mechanism isn’t going to break but vice versa is going to open.

The case is pretty heavy though. In case of having no scales we used a packet of biscuits (65 grams) to compare and have concluded that mascara is 10-15 grams heavier. It doesn’t sound like much, but the truth is that these 75-80 grams felt sufficiently weighty in the hand.

The mirror combined with the tube seemed useful to me. I don’t have sniper eyesight and I usually dye eyelashes using a mirror in the powder case instead of the one on the bathroom wall. And in this case there’s no need to take powder case and this cuts the number of small motions that are to be done to complete eye make-up. (Are fine motor skills the problem for all don’t-know-where-hurrying-in-the-morning girls or it’s only me? 🙂

For the rest it’s a great mascara, ladies. It is really radically black, it lies to the eyelashes perfectly and dyes them well, separates and lengthens them. And it creates no dramatic effect, doesn’t stick eyelashes together in bunches as Clarins for example does.(By the way, High Definition Clarins. And I like this effect too. I assume that this kind of negligence à la Twiggy is very nice and trendy although it’s still to one’s own taste, for sure.)

It holds firmly, and even have stood in the swimming pool with sea water.

Only aroma effect – “peach, greens, rose and jasmine scent” – seemed to me as a complete…eeh..let’s say seemed to be not quite reasonable. Yes, it does smell, but, at first, this smell doesn’t please me much, and secondly, could anybody explain me please what for does it smell?! 🙂

PS. Tell me, do you need a mascara with aroma?

PSS. Yes, there is Black sea at swatches because it’s a view from my balcony. And yes, there’s Christina Fitzgerald nail cover on my hands that is genial because it has peeled just as much as you see and the manicure was made no 28 of December of the last year in a new, right opened on Malaya Bronnaya Mahash spa that I’m going to tell you right away. It’s a manicure strength record, isn’t it, ladies?

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