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Deborah Lippmann Run The World (Girls) collection: swatches

Tanya 31 мая 2012 0

If you haven’t visited «Tsvetnoy» with our discount coupon for Deborah Lippmapp laquers then we’ll tell you which laquers have to be bought there (and which are not).

I have four of five colors from Run the World (Girls) collection of semi-gloss neons — so I’ll show them all.

I had the greatest expectations about yellow It Girls, and it disappointed me badly.


It seems like beauty brands this summer have absolutley forgotten how to make yelow laquers. Today I also removed yellow nail cover from Dior Summer Mix collection (that we’ll soon show at Allure.ru) and it’s even worse.


On my opinion the color doesn’t correspond to the color in the bottle. After drying it becomes mate and stays semitransparent. It’s a complete fail for yellow, I think. It’s applied in three lawyers on the photo, so it looks at least a little glossy. And the main qestion is: «Where is neon?..»

Thank heaven, it was the only disappointment. All the rest colors were beautiful and pleased my soul. Hollaback Girl color, for example:


Very pretty!


Somehow it reminds me last year orange laquers, for example Givenchy. But it’s applied very well, a brush is comfortable and texture is quite right: is doesn’t leave stripes, it spreads uniformly, it grasps quickly. I might also add that it’s one of the most comfortably applied laquers I’ve ever used. I don’t usually pay attention to this but I had the hell of a lot of trouble with Summer Mix today and that made me feel the difference.

I Kissed a Girl color:



A kind of plastic-neon gloss too.

Finally Nasty Girl color, funny indeed:



Just like real lollipops! So sweet!

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