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3Lab Skin Care. Test-drive

Tanya 5 июня 2012 0

Every day from 5 to 19 new jars and tubes arrive to any beauty editorial office. They are put on the shelves and stay there waiting for the moment someone recall them, open, watch and smell them and if they’re lucky — use them, or if they’re unbelieveably lucky, then make a photo and put them into the magazine page.

The principle according to which I start using something is a secret even for myself. Sometimes I do it right away, sometimes «one day later», sometines — never. More precisely there are too many components: mood, state, the things I’ve heard about this brand/product, the way this brand/product looks like or smells like, what the weather outside is.

This is a long introduction to my report about a hard work of using two 3Lab cremes 🙂

It’s an american brand and relatively new (since 2003), and it is sold in Russia only recently, about a year. It’s widely distributed (I mean GUM and TSUM) for a couple of months if I’m not mistaken. It’s history is somehow similar to the history of Rivoli Geneve. There is also a number of scientists that were engaged in the development of cremes for many companies since 1980-s that finally decided to create their own brand. The press release says that 60% of care products on sale have been created at that very laboratory.

The specialty of 3LAB is synthetical growth hormone based on biotechnologies, some pathented Nano-Claire GY. The press-release has a detailed explaination of why this growth hormone is the most safe and there’s no need to be scared of it. As the creators say, it’s the first growth hormone in the world that is based on proteins and thai is stable and effective.)

Another active ingredients are stem cells of the special kind of Swiss apples Uttweiler Spatlauber. (I saw their pictures at the presentation, they look like ordinary apples, pretty green.)

And traditionally for good american presentations there followed the list of celebrities that use 3Lab products. Salt of the earth: Helen Mirren, Adrien Brody, Paula Abdul and ten more local ones.

I suppose (well, I’m pretty sure) that there are rotten tomatoes going to be thrown at me, not the apples. «Peaceful growth hormone», stem cells of apples and celebrities «sold by weight» are such an explosive marketing mix all together that the best decision is run away as fast as possible. Especially takeing into account the price that varies from 300 to 700 dollars for a jar. I thiught so too. But somehow (the reason why can be seen above — no one knows) I’ve decided to try it anyway.

And I seem to like them unexpectedly.

I have two cremes. Anti-Wrinkle and Brightening Complex WW Cream:

And WW Eye Cream:

I’ve been using both of them for around three weeks. And as a matter of fact I notice that they work pretty well. Facial creme (applied in the morning and in the evening, no day/night differentiation). It moistures greatly, makes skin very pleasant to the touch, aligns the face color. There is also a little lifting effect. And whatis more it predicts the appearance of age spots and reduces the ones that have already appeared. I can’t say I have a lot of these spots but I wouldn’t like to multiply their number indeed. The creme also blocks melanine production. It includes — quote

«PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis based on stem cells of grapes that contain a large amount of polyphenols for UV protection.» If I were at the beach I would also apply SPF creme, but in these rainy-conditioner conditions I skimp this.

It has a texture of medium density and maximum comfort level. There also are a slightly perceptible unobtrusive fragrance and a very good absorbability.

Eye cream wouldn’t differ much on the photo from the main one. The same golden, pleasantly weighty jar, looks like the same texture (in fact it’s a little bit more lightweight). And it really eliminates the dark circles under the eyes. (But it doesn’t replace the corrector, don’t flatter yourself:)

So, I guess I’m going to use 3LAB products at least till the jars are over. And it’s a serious indicator for me: if I don’t like the products I switch to another ones that are waiting at the locker afier a week or so.

I’ll tell you about the exact prices tommorrow as well as about the places of sale in Moscow.

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