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Dior Bluetie palette swatches& review

Юлия Гребенкина
Юлия Гребенкина 16 октября 2011 0
Dior Bluetie palette swatches& review

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I understand very well that people loving cosmetics are waiting for Christmas collections (or not — a lot of you are tired of usual gold as I see), but this palette from Fall 2011 Dior collection made me to love it after first use. I wanted to write about it month ago, but life is such thing and procrastination is the same.

Minuses: what you need to understand about this palette — these eyeshadows won’t last long. I put it on for photo in the middle of the day — and it didn’t look well in the evening. They do much better when used together with eyeshadow base. But remember it.

Pluses: they do allow to create wonderful Makeup. Like — Makeup. Not just «touch your eyes by your finger in the morning when you’are in hurry». And shades are beautiful.



Dior-Bluetie-palette-3A lot of trendy blue.

The part created for lips makeup, as I think, was put to the pallete because it’s a star-product and it should have something. It doesn’t give a lot of colour.

diorbluetie-palette-lips-swatchI don’t use it actually.

Eyeshadows, 4 shades — different story. Very pigmented.

Diorbluetie-palette-eyes-swatchAnd it’s just a usual 1-layer application.

And on the eyes:



Diorbluetie-eye-2@beauty_staff in comments to these post said that I must be the only one person, to whom this palette suits so well (I didn’t think that it could do so well with blue eyes). I’ve met only few posts about it but I hope it suis everyone =).


Diorbluetie-faceHave a great Sunday with all your lovely palettes ;).

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