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Eraclea. The new brand in Russia

Яна Зубцова
Яна Зубцова 26 октября 2011 0

The other day we’re going to have a new skin care brand in sale. It’s called Eraclea. Developed in USA. Distributed through «36,6» network of pharmacies. Competitive advantages are hyaluronic acid, scientific researches, lack of pathos and a lucid idea about who, why and for what needs it. That’s how it looks like:

As for me, that kind of news is always pleasant to tell. At first, because this is breaking news. Secondly, because it’s pleasant news. Thirdly, though the field trials of Eraclea were pretty short, they were rather thoughtful and now there are reasons to believe that this brand is a good thing for humane prices (ranges 1 800 – 2 500 rub), that is going to be suitable for many customers and for some of them is going to be the finding and the problems solution.
Eraclea presents a small but lucid product line. All the basic things are here. Specifically, day and night creams.

Exfoliant, eyes surround cream and hydrating day lotion that substitutes a day cream for the ones with oily skin and everyone who likes lightweight textures::

And finally purifying cleanser, hydration serum with zinc (for oily skin) and intensive repair and protect serum (for a tired and aging skin) greatly endowed with vitamin C.

As you see, the package is as simple as possible. Indeed it’s for the ones who set their hopes on skin care and hopes to get something more than bathroom shelves decorating.
There are many things that cause sympathy to the brand. Firstly, it was established by two women of the serious age that have their lifetime spent in our great industry – Morgan Heah and Janet Denlinger. Morgan was top-manager of big beauty-companies, Janet was a scientist, but that didn’t stop them from becoming the closest friends. (And personally I sentimentally believe in undertakings that are based on normal human friendship. And more over I believe in female friendship too.)
Secondly, these women have an imposing background. Janet and her husband, a famous scientist Dr. Indre Balazs have created the hyaluronic acid that is suitable for use in cosmetics. And the famous formula of Advanced Night Repair Estee Lauder was created with their help too. Janet told me that at the beginning of 1980s they had come to New York with a test tube of this very same hyaluronic acid. There’d been two appointments – one at Revlon, another at Estee Lauder. Revlon had avoided the meeting under the pretext. Estee Lauder had descended and as a result hyaluronic acid had become the basic ingredient of their following new product that had actually become the new ANR hit.
The product that Eraclea provides now seems to be even cooler then that hyaluronic acid although it’s the extention of the same story. The basic component of all the line is some HylaSponge®System which is a combination of hyaluronic acid molecules of different weight that as sponges do, absorb and release the water volume which exceeds their own more than 100 times. They absorb it from skin surface (while moisturing it) and transfer it to deeper layers. And so there comes some second, pretty moisturized skin layer (I can attest it doesn’t feel like some excess strata but it’s just like the cream is applied to the skin, it’s very well moisturized and small wrinkles are filled so that they become hardly noticeable). God only knows what happens inside but it affects the general condition very favorably.
The day cream is very lightweight, nearly air-textured and looks like really saturated with moisture.
I haven’t decided which of the photos exactly conveys this sense better so I’m going to show you both.

Night cream is a bit dencer, but very little bit. Lotion texture is even more lightweight but as far as it’s not in a jar but in a bottle it’s harder to show it to you. . They both have a slight distinctive odor, not an obtrusive perf-fragrance but something that gives a sense of security about what’s going on.
And speaking about bottles, there’s some nice feature in them. There is no classical cap at all and they are to be opened and closed using the same rotational motion as if dispensing a solid deodorant from the tube. Just twist the outer top ring anti-clockwise — the dispenser extends from it. Twist the ring clockwise and the dispenser disappears inside. That’s what the bottles look while opened:

Seems like nothing serious but for the first time at the presentation it put me in an easy stress – I’ve opened the bottle somehow instinctively and later I’ve been searching for a cap for some time until I realized that there is no cap at all. And it’s really useful because all the caps in my bathroom always get lost and with this bottle it’s absolutely impossible. You know, you can’t loose a thing that doesn’t exist.
But for the brand creators this is not only a feature, but a useful technological innovation that allows keeping the product perfectly seal and eliminates clogging the formula with preservatives.
That’s the brand that’s going to be sold through «36,6» network of pharmacies. By the way, it’s new in US too, it was widely presented in March 2011 only and until then it had been sold through internet, if I’m not mistaken. In US it’s now distributed through spa, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and through other reliable people. You can read more about it on American site Eraclea here. During the presentation the launch of Russian site was announced.
I’ve been using Eraclea for a week and I can tell you exactly that it moistures greatly. It can be compared to my favorite moisturizing cream Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream that has been tested during the expedition ether to the North or to the South Pole. I havent’been on any of them, just in Croatia but working extremely hard in a permanent stress. Eraclea had passed the test worthily. If you try it, tell me whether you like it as well as I do? I’ m really interested!

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