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Two products that really work: Bliss and Suhada

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I wished for long to tell you about the two most pleasant cosmetic discoveries of mine, but it’s always been so little time to gather my thoughts. Meanwhile those two jars have returned me the hope in humanity and beauty industry. In Autumn I had such a spleen like “all these crèmes are the same, and there’s nothing to wait from them and make-up collections are so dull that it’s easier to hang” – it was really like hanging (that’s one of the reasons Yana was nearly the only one blogging)

So, I’m announcing you two products that have brought back my blogging mojo, as BBB once said.

At first, it’s peeling-gel for deep purification Rosegel Skin Clear from Suhada (my first experience of Japanese Suhada use is described  here).

Suhada_rose gelI’ve already told you many times that exfoliating Sebium by Bioderma is the best peeling product by all means. I always have it in my bathroom. Rosegel made me doubt which of them should have the first prize.

Rosegel is a peeling and there are no exfoliating particles. Speaking of texture, it’s gel and interestingly should be applied on dry (!) skin after cleansing, massaged and then washed away. For the first time I was not ready for what happened after cleansing. All the horny skin cells that required peeling immediately stuck together turned into white pellets on the skin. It was the first time I saw such an effect and I thought right away “Hi to the Japanese”. 

It’s recommended to try to avoid area around the eyes, eyebrows and zones with vellus hair while applying because leftovers removal can be uncomfortable there. Tone is applied not so well to my eyebrows so vice versus I’ve applied some more to this zone and massaged well. Moreover, a friend of mine that was my guest over New Year holidays has established empirically that one can use Rosegel for usual wet face wash with the same good result (she didn’t know that bottle it was standing on my sink and all the lettering on it is done with hieroglyphs).

The result is – perfectly, PERFECTLY smooth skin. Practically no roughness, scaling and all the other “joy” of life for a girl with oily and problem skin that uses care with acids (and not only for these girls, to be honest). The disadvantage is there can appear some redness if the skin is sensitive, as mine is. As for me, it disappears in 5 minutes. But the one with sensitive skin can’t use this peeling more often than 3 times a week.

All in all, I’ve decided to find out what can be the trick there and arranged a long-term tests for Rosegel compared to Sebium Bioderma. Finally two months later I’ve made a conclusion: Sebium exfoliates not superefficiently and somehow milder but the thing is that skin remains smooth longer, for three or four days. After Suhada Rosegel use skin is amazing but the effect stays for a couple of days.

Thus, Bioderma stays at the first place for me, but now both jars are in my bathroom at once and is gladdens me.

The second magical product is Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask by Bliss.

I’ve already used Fabulous Foaming Face Wash 2-in-1 by Bliss before. Yana gave me the travel-sized pack of it after visiting Bliss spa opening at Saint-Petersburg. So, that rinse-off cleanser has been a great thing I’ve been taking with me while travelling – great cleansing and exfoliating.

This mask has come to our editorial office for the “Morning salvation” topic that was about the ways to tidy oneself up quickly in the morning after a tumultuous corporate party. When I’ve started the tests it was some time to corporate party, but all the signs of the forthcoming dying of overwork were visible: wrinkles, dullness, some general exhaustion.

I have to do some literary retreat here. Though my dear husband tolerates endless cans in our apartment, he prefers not to see how their content gets on his wife. Seeing me with mask on my face is a serious shock for his delicate psyche (as for me he’s afraid that filthy dressing gown and curlers will appear on me around this mask right away). That’s why I never let myself experience such liberties with masks when he’s at home, caring of precious mind of my beloved.

But it turned out differently with Bliss – the mask made me laugh so much that I came with it on my face to my husband and we’ve been watching together what was going on. The thing is that this mask is applied on wet skin for five minutes and starts to produce foam. In these five minutes your face overgrows with abundant foam, some of which bursts by the end of procedure. The leftovers are washed out later.

The result is incredible. In five minutes I’ve turned out to a beauty with normal skin, wrinkles on the forehead have become less noticeable instantly. All in all there was a feeling that I’ve had tired skin care at beauty salon and nourished it with masks and creams – is has become smooth and shining. I can’t guarantee that the result on your skin would be as amazing, because from time to time I bring my face and body to a state of extreme fatigue and exhaustion and the difference was astonishing on me. As far as I see, the operating principle here is similar to oxygen mask by Cefine thak I like. All in all, now I have much deeper respect for this very oxygen.

Both products have left to London with me where we’re having a nice time   That’s why I’ll answer your comments a little bit later.

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