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Here I’ve already written about trying new Darphin – Ideal Resource creme. It’s beenalmost a month of our life together with it and I suppose I can tell you about the first results.


What is this cream for? It is a anti-wrinkle recovery product that is promised to regenerate the skin actively, thus correcting wrinkles, imperfecting tone, restoring its shine. For that reason three rare plants are included is ingredients: Japanese Knotweed, Centella Asiatica and White Hibiscus flowers (they are at the picture below, they were chosen for a great viability in the wild).


These three components form Line Polish Complex patented technology. Japanese Knotweed is promised to fight the wrinkles as its flowerscontain a high concentration of resveratrol, which stimulates the protein SIRT1, that enhances the production of collagen. Centella Asiatica works for shine and White Hibiscus flowers contain active flower acids that “polish” the skin, improve its tone andtexture.

Thus we are promised to have increasingthe naturalcollagenproduction, less visible wrinkles, better shine and texture. It’s recommended to apply the substance in the morning after serum and in the evening after aroma elixir, and as usual the brand has its own kind of massage (there used to be demo videos on Russian website, if I’m not mistaken, but I didn’t manage to find them and here is a video in French for example). The novelty costs 3100 rubles for 50 ml and it is on sale since December.

What have I had? The first use of crème was very pleasant. During the presentation in TSUM I’ve had an expresscare with novelty from beautician and she’s also recommend me products for all of my problems (I was interested in Intral cerum most of all, but how can I have even more cerums for everyday care?..)

I’ve visited the procedure in a completely exhausted state. It was the end of December and we were finishing our New Year iPad application, I was writing an article a day (it’s a lot, just in case). My skin was dehydrated because of iS Clinical care (this complex dries anyway, and moisturizing serum is not enough), I had three damn wrinkles on the forehead and general tiredness. I’ve nearly fallen asleep during express care procedure (telling the beautician about my care with acids earlier, because some think that I have dry skin and seldom beauticians distinguish betweendryanddehydratedskin by themselves that is by the way strange for a cosmetologist) and that’s why I really regretted this procedure being “express”. I would gladlylay down (or sit down – there is an amazingly comfortable armchair that keeps body half-lying) for one more hour. The result was awesome: brightened smoothed and shining skin, and what shocked me most – the wrinkles on the forehead were gone.

I’ve been looking at Ideal Resource jar at home with suspicion for a while because there’s nothing worse than applying something that differs from iS Clinical program and covering withpimples again. More over this had already happened a couple of times. But curiosity and three wrinkles on the forehead have won and I’ve decided to use the crème at least in the morning (at the evening I usually coat myself with three layers of Hydra Cool moisturizing serum after Active Serum).

At first, the texture really pleased me – it is really magnificent. The perfect combination of freshness, like light whipped creme, and at the same time, there is a feeling that the creme is quite nourishing. It is hard to explain it easier: crème nourishes but doesn’t clogpores of my oily although dehydrated skin. This is a complete happiness because after half a year on iS Clinical any product can be tested test forcomedogenic on me and the result would be visible at the end of the first day of use, that’s how fast everything appears. A lot of foundations were thrown away, many powders are still biding their time. But we’ve managed without this trouble with Ideal Resource.

Second pleasant thing are its moisturizing qualities (although they are not announced at press-release). Gradually I was able to defeat the problem of terrible dehydration and reduce it to simple dehydration. Moreover, I have a sensitive skin and this crème helped it to feel better.

The third thing is shine. More smooth and shining skin – this is what I confirm. Perhaps the effect is only visual, finally my iS Clinical acids work for my skin being smooth and flower acids hardly added much to them.)

All three wrinkles on my forehead are still there after a month. Sometimes it feels like they have become smaller…but no, I frown (and I do this very often) and see them again. Maybe I should prick them with Botox? …All in all I should note that the situation turned better in another problem zone of my face — in thenasolabialfolds. Or perhaps it only seems to me. Oh, you never know with these anti-age crèmes. )… While doing facial expressions the the grid ofgoing off nasolabialwrinkles appears. I think the reason for this is dehydration and I was never able to beat them. Now I can see them less and attributethis achievement to the creme.

The general conclusion is: if you are 30 years old, you have a dullcomplexion and the first wrinkles are bothering you, you should try this. I did like the general improvement of skin tone and texture and the most pleasant texture of crème itself. Without any problems the makeup is applied over it and even SPF crème, foundation and then make-up ) I think Ideal Resource can actually remove the little wrinkles net that begins to form in this age.
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