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Asian bb-creams: Erborian, Missha, Skin79

Tanya 19 июня 2012 2

Or the story of how I’ve found myperfect Bb-cream.

I’ve lost my blogging mojo somehow lately. There’s no will to write about anything, but it’s not because I have nothing to say ar there are no products that please me. I have a lot to tell you and the products are great. I just can’t make myself sit down in front of the computer in the evening! And this is a key term of blogging:).

Yana has been working for two of us still, but she’s gone to press tour for four days and my turn has come. And I’ve decided to write about the things that really excites me. Bb-cremes. Asian.

You should remember me writing about european bb-cremes. By thi time I’ve posted that I hadn’t tried Asian cremes and had compared what I’d hav with what I’d had. After that (thanks to Cosmotheca) I got Erborian bb-creme (which is probably not 100% Asian, but still), and later I asked www.topcream.ru for two more bbs, classical ones, Missha Perfect Cover and Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm. The second one was asked in addition because I pinned my hopes on Perfect Cover — but it happened quite differently:).

(There are many different bbs on topcream.ru. For sure, their prices are not equal to the ones on e-bay or somewhere else, but you’ll get them right the next day. So if you know what you need and you need it right away — it is a good variant.)

Erborian BB Creme Au Ginseng is 3-in-1 creme, it’s promised to merge with skin tone, aligning it and creating a baby’s velvety skin. SPF25 and PA++ are also included.

erborian-bb-cremeMany bloggers praise Erborian: for a good light color (there are two colors at all, light and dark, and the light one merges well with my pale face color), for care (Lera skromni_beauty has noticed that it moistures well and is great for travelling) and for disguise which is good but invisible.

Speaking about the color Erborian is in the middle of thre asians that I have. And it is beige indeed, without any impurities. It doesn’t whiten and make a deathly face color as it happens sometimes. But when I say «merges well» I meen it’s not perfect anyway. Sometimes there came a feeling that it’s is spread over the face leaving stripes, and later it «seated» (I don’t know where this word came from, but I the point is made), merged. Sometimes in the evening I started feeling it as a separate layer on my face. The feeling is pretty unusual, especially considering the fact that it is still invisible. All in all it’s no the same as noticeable foundation, but it’s still not a perfection that is applied and forgotten.

I don’t think about it (neither all of the rest bbs) as the option to substitute moisturizer. It’s applied on skin without a creme even worse and is shaded worse too. But it can substitute SPF creme, the protection is strong enough.

The coverage is between light and medium, it doesn’t form layers. I’ve noticed no special care properties, but I had no trips to test it. All in all Erborian stood in line with Clinique BB cream. These two products are absolutley interchangeable for me.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 — PA+++ (color13)

missha-perfect-coverThere were a lot of praise to this bb-cream in different communities. Everyone was praising colors, dense and invisible disguise and good combination with problematic skin. That’s why it was the first cream I’ve asked for. I’ve been thinking about the tones for a while (there are several light colors with different midtones) but finally I’ve drcided to follow the beaten path and to take the lightest one :). It is really the lightest of three and somehow it reminds me the lightest color of Estee Lauder concealer.

And I like this bb-cream indeed. With one thin layer it smoothes greatly, hides some imperfections, the tone is perfect, it is invisible. It even slightly highlights the face. But there is no feeling of foundation on skin. It seems to be its main advantage. High SPF protection rate is another plus of it.

But Missha was left on the bench because I’ve fallen in love with Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm SPF25+ PA++ from the first use.

skin79-super-bbI’ve never heard about this brand before, but topcream.ru offered me to look through the site and choose something else except Missha and I couldn’t deny. All in all I’ve read so many descriptions and references that my head swelled up. Finally I was caught by a phrase «One of the best creams of this company» here and I’ve asked for it too.

There is only one color of the cream, which is described as neutral beige and is promised to fit anyone. I can’t say for everyone but for me it’s perfect. At first it seems to be darker than Erborian but after shading it becomes as light as Missha (I don’t know how it works, but it is a fact:)). It shades to perfect invisibility better than two others. Moreover:

1) Covers the pores instantly. It’s very unusual, there are few products than can hide my crater-pores. But here the effect is immediate! They are less visible at once.

2) Really provides disguise. Forgive me for details but today I’ve squeezed out the whole chin on my face. But it has hidden all the redness!

3) It can be applied in layers. I can say about other products that they «seem to form layers… who the hell knows!», but here it really does. I apply more at some places and there comes more concealment, but invisibility stays the same.

4) I don’t feel it during the day. But I receive compliments to my skin (people think it’s all because of iS Clinical, seriously :)).

I also smooth lower eyelid skin tone with it and apply some more on the sides of the nose. I still use concealer under the eyes, but it’s much easier to cover up dark circles under eyes.

So, I’ve hooked on Skin79 and I’ll buy it after this tube is over.


Anyway with all Missha and Skin79 advantages there is a disadvantage too. You should rinse them very thoroughly. I haven’t felt this using european bb-cremes or Erborian. But Skin79 especially can’t be removed with simple cleansing gel. (And there’s no point in trying to remove it with micellar water, even if you are as lazy as I am because you’re tired… I woke up, scratched my skin and found bb-cream there :)).

So, I’ve started to use hydrophilic oil Suhada and foam cleanser of this brand (and great Anya Prikhodko from Cefine has also supplied me with a net for foam whipping). So I can say that I use Japanese double washing now. I’ll write about it a little bit later, for now I just say that it gives me pure skin feeling. And all in all both bbs seem to be slightly comedogenic. Perhaps it’s my own problem — since april my skin has become more oily and more problematic. Finally, I have to think a lot about remiving while using there products.

Erborian can be bought at Cosmotheca

Buy Missha Perfect Cover

Buy Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm

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