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How it didn’t work out with japanese double cleaning and asian bb-creams

Tanya 24 августа 1

I’ve read a lot of other bloggers enthusiastic reviews that have tried double skin cleansing japanese system (hydrophilic oil + cleanser, which is whipped into foam). And I’ve drcided that i should try it too. Moreover a lot of bloggers said that they’ve never had such a  clean skin as using this system, which means they’d been clearing their face wrong all the time before.

Actually I was absolutley happy with my Cleansing Complex by iS Clinical. But it was careless enough to end up… Also it haven’t removed asian bb-cremes effectively. And then I’ve revieved the products of japanese brand Suhada for testing. I’ve tried their cleansing oil already and I’ve found it pleasing and I also liked Rosegel peeling. So I’ve had this very Perfect Cleansing Oil and Dr P Washing Foam at home. While using these asian bb-creams this system is nearly compulsory (at least you need hydrophilic oil).

You are supposed to purify dry skin with oil. It satats to bubble a little bit after a slight massage interacting makeup or inpurities.

The oil removes eye makeup greatly, it’s a very effective and pleasant way to remove mascara. But somehow it didn’t work out with a whole face this time.

It hardly foamed and so it washed off itself badly too. I had a permanent feeling that there’s something left on skin. And I started to think that it clugs my pores.

The second thing is the washing product the choice of which depends on skin type. I’ve chosen a foam (on the photo above), there is also massage cream for drier skin. Foam must be whipped into foam (pardon the tautology). At first I’ve been squeezing some product on hand, adding water and whipped it with my fingers. There came something thick and slightly foamy. But my life completely changed when Anya from Cefine sent me the foam whipping mesh. That is the thing! It’s primitive, somehow it reminds a bag for delicate lingerie washing, although it’s not a bag, it’s a mesh. But there was 30 times more foam using it. I squeezed the amount of foam enough at least for three faces from the mesh. The foam cleaned my skin well, it did not cause my sensitive skin irritation, it removed the oil leftovers well too. By the way, there was no will to use oil in the morning, it seemed excess. I’ve been making myself do it for some time for the purity of the experiment but then I gave it up and used it only in the evening when it was necessary to remove makeup and bb-cremes.

To be honest, I saw only worsening of my skin. Clogged pores showed that this cleaning system is not enough for me. I really whished to get back to iSClinical Cleansing Complex, but I didn’t get around to buy it. I finally got such a paranoia about my acne that I even stopped using asian bb-cremes. Whatever awesome efect of alignment and masking they gave — they did no good to my skin. More or less but they were too dense for me so they remained in my pores. I, sorry to say, saw them sticking out of my pores. Unpleasant kind of view.

I’ve been washing my face for one more month using this system without bb-creams. There came an improvement after that, but there were still problems and what made me sad was the fact that my skin looked much better before the experiment. Finally I’ve brought a new tube of Cleansing Complex and I’ve felt the difference immediately. Soft and effective cleaning — and I don’t have such a number of clogged pores anymore (although I’ll still get the cleaning).

All in all, something went wrong both with bb-creams and double cleaning. I don’t want to discredit both ideas in any kind of way, I’m sure that many people have found their happiness with «asians» and don’t have acne problems while using them, and also many use «oil+cleaning» system and are happy too. Perhaps I had a wrong honey not very suitable products to me. A «blue» line Suhada at first is for sensitive skin and only secondly for all the other problems. And the foam itself is not bad, but for some other’s skin, not for mine. To be honest, being so lazy I’m not pleased with complicated  applying. At first, I dislike rolling the oil on dry skin (I feel, feel it settling down in my pores forever and getting out as inflammation). Secondly, foam whipping that  fascinated me at first, finally bothered me much (And again I felt no difference between rich foam and simple foam, except making my husband laugh «foam all around» look).

 Perhaps one day I’ll make a new try of double cleaning with some other products, but now I’m so happy with my iS Clinical gel that I’m going to be resistantly loyal to it -).

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