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Сefine Night Moisture Gelee. But really about impermanence of nature

Tanya 10 октября 2012 0

In less then one hundred fifty thousand years I finally made up to write about this jelly. The new jelly was already launched, and not just by Cefine but I kept thinking about it.

This time it’s not because I didn’t like the product. If I don’t I usually tweet sometning like «Product N is s*** indeed» and spend no more time on it. But this time, vice a versa, there was an effect, but I didn’t manage to use this product regularly for some time to tell you honestly «There is an effect!». I’ve been trying to use it during all summer: sometimes once, sometimes twice and then it was forgotten for weeks. And sometimes I saw the pleasing the soul effect, sometimes I didn’t. In September I got together and kept using it for a whole week — but then I slipped again, because when I have a non-stop 18-hours working day for a week (I remember my husband, leaving to gym on tuesday morning, said to me «Well, see you on Thursday»…) and three shootings, japanese night moisturizing jelly that in my case has to be applied after two serums (one of them dries for 10 minutes) is the last thing to care.


I finally accepted this and decoded to write about it the way it is. If you haven’t already read another bloggers reviews, most of them praised the jelly very much, Cefine Night Moisture Gelee is an unusial thing that, at first, is rich in rejuvenating and moisturizing ingredients, all encapsulated (which means they are very small and penetrate deeply), and secondly, it helps keeping inside your skin all the components of the products that were applied before it (so it’s not a night cream substitute, but an addition to it). It promises to act during night hours — from 23.00 to 5.00, when skin restores by itself.

The jelly has a pleasant texture, at first a little bit too sticky (being extremely lazy I don’t wait for serum or cream to absorb, but apply jelly righa after them). I didn’t find out if it stops being sticky or how fast it gets absorbed because I go to sleep almost immediately last couple of months. Well, I guess, it’s not so important for night product. Only if you decide to kiss your husband — then, for sure, the jelly should better be used later -).

I used jelly after moisturizing cream (iS Clinical), and after Hydra-Cool serum. There is not much difference actually. The result in the morning is good anyway — fresh skin, bright and smooth. A couple of times in the morning even my slight wrinkles on forehead have absolutely disappeared. Such a wow-effect! The reason why I have these wrinlkes is dehydration, that’s what I was told by dermatologist at «Petrovka-beauty», when I asked for botox to my forehead, so I must moisturize. The conclusion is that moisturizing qualities of jelly are great. (And a disgression: how can a person understand that wrinkes are not because of dehydration and it’s time to think about injections? Aren’t they supposed to be thought about before they appeared, these wrinkles?)

But the same number of times my wrinkles stayed the same. I didn’t find out what it depends of. Sometimes nothing happened to wrinkles after a couple of days of use, and sometimes there was a great effect after the first and the only one use. But the fact is that skin becomes really better with this product. But because of my unstable nature I haven’t found out how much better, and for how long the effect lasts.

All in all, my conclusion is: the jelly does something good for sure — sometimes. And if you’re persistent and purposeful enough, unlike me, perhaps you can get a good result with it and pretty fast. Whish me this persistence -).

P.S. Do you have such products, that should be used, and the effect is obvious, but you still can’t make yourself do it?

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